The most beautiful places of Moscow

The capital of Russia is a powerful metropolis, the majestic, unique and original. The city is rich as quality of life, and its cultural heritage. The most beautiful places of Moscow can give not only peace and quiet, but also give a reason to once again be proud of their country.

Red square

The «heart» of not only the city but throughout Russia. Its pavers remembers kings and chiefs, and for this reason, in the old days the square was called «red» that is beautiful. Here there is an incredible number of attractions, each beautiful in its own way: the Kremlin, Spasskaya tower, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, the Historical Museum, the Mausoleum and GUM. All the buildings are monuments of Russian architecture, with carved decorative details. And in the evening they turn into fairy houses, lit in each window.


Alexandrovsky gardens and Manezhnaya square

Located near red square, so if you decide to explore the most beautiful places of Moscow, then you’ll have to do it in one day. On the territory of 10 hectares you can see the Eternal fire, Romanovsky obelisk, the Italian grotto and the Kutafya tower. But, along with the involvement in the history of Russia, there is not felt the vanity and oduseviti of the metropolis. Walking paths under the shade of the ancient Linden trees, fabulous fountains, well-groomed vegetation, whimsical sculptures, the incredible fragrance of flowers and herbs — all this attracts the visitors and leaves an indelible impression in the heart. The backlight is even more adorns the Alexander garden at night — no wonder it is a popular place for young Muscovites to explain in love.

Adjacent to the Alexander garden, Manezh square, famous for its fountain complex (12 water devices) and the flamboyant sculptures of the sculptor Zurab Tsereteli. For fountains in the dark to watch even more interesting than the day —lit jets of water soaring into the sky present a fascinating effect.

Alexander garden-Manezhnaya square

Patriarch’s ponds

This is a beautiful Park in the center, with an area of 2 hectares, half of which is a pond. It is here that every citizen can have a rest from labors and enjoy the peace. A clean pond with swans and ducks, who are willing to come to you for treats, plenty of places to rest (benches, cafes, tree-lined avenues with sculpted characters). In 1986 it was decided to restore the famous pavilion on the shore of the pond, a replica of pre-war construction, which became a decoration of this place and managed to star in both films «the Master and Margarita».



Here you can spend time not only during the day and night. The lift will rise to the highest point of the city, where a beautiful view of Moscow opens from the observation deck, will give you unforgettable pictures on the background of all the attractions of the city. In the well-kept Park visitors love to wander on shady avenues, or ride a bike. A lot of separate and public areas depending on your mood you can choose what you like. Will appreciate the coolness of a pond with fountains and shady alley with busts of scientists around him.


Botanical garden

This is a very good place to stay for nature — only in a more exotic environment. Here you will find the rose gardens, wild forest, subtropical plants and a Japanese garden. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed in the spring, when the trees are budding and the fall, during flowering vereskov, is also very beautiful. For over 70 years the Botanical garden surprises visitors with its variety of plants, brought here from all over the world.

On the huge square you will find a Park rather than a garden — here are a few of the nameplates, and people, despite the warnings, ride on rollers, rest on the grass, hand-feed squirrels. You can view it as part of guided tours or on your own breathing in an unusual for Moscow air — saturated with oxygen, and halts on the shores of picturesque ponds. Botanical gardens ideal for romantic walks and for relaxing after a busy day.


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