The most beautiful parks of Moscow

Muscovites and guests of the city are constantly striving to the green Islands of nature, to relax, to be in silence and solitude, a breath of fresh air. In the capital there are many suitable places, but some of them — not just parks and forest belts: the most beautiful parks of Moscow is a source of new experiences, storage of the history of Russia, spiritual and cultural enrichment. Full impression of the city can be obtained only if we consider it from different angles, and lovely parks is the reverse side of the bustling Moscow.

Gorky Park. Gorky Park with a rich history

This Park is known even to those who never been in Moscow. Today, anyone can walk where 9 centuries ago there was the first fortified urban settlement, where was held the first folk festivals, and in the XIX century was organized the summer residence of the Royal family and the open air theatre, which was visited by A. S. Pushkin. And only in 1923 it got the name by which it is known today: «the Central Park of culture and rest». The event was timed to coincide with the 1st all-Russian agricultural exhibition, which was a huge area. The Park continued to operate even during the war.

Gorky ParkGorky Park

Today Gorky Park is not only rekonstruiruet with the aim of preserving its rich history, but also gets modern features: installed a new security system and lighting, sanitation, mother and child, adaptations for persons with disabilities, free Wi-Fi. Gorky Park has become the center of attraction lovers of rollers, bicycles, scooters, Segway, the diversity of traditional and modern sports equipment can be seen here. The Park often hold social events, and free. And in the winter there is a skating rink under the open sky. The diversity of the entertainment is based in this area of the Park.

Svetomuzykalny the fountain at Gorky ParkMusical fountain in Gorky Park

Take into account the interests of those who want to enjoy a leisurely walk. The second part of the territory is the landscape Park Neskuchny sad. Unlike urban entertainment zones, there is natural peace: lots of greenery, romantic bridges, the rotunda of the nineteenth century; by the way, one of them removed the transmission “What? Where? When?».

Park Muzeon the art under the open sky

Museon is the hundreds of sculptures under the open sky, not counting the stored in the vaults. Along the alleys of the Park is both modern and Soviet statues, including the ones that were banned under the Soviet regime. Interesting history of the Park: it began with the mass dismantling of Communist monuments. They were brought to the territory of the future Museon are both. So the Park is relatively young: the company was founded in 1992.

Park MuzeonPark Muzeon

Over the modern sculptures and art objects job, for the most part, the avant-garde. The Museum is actively engaged in the development of modern art movements, and especially supports young leaders: his project exhibited their photo and video works, paintings, art objects and, of course, sculptures. It also holds festivals dedicated to the arts, including music, fortunately in the Park for three scenes. Initiated and cinematic direction: Museon are both on the territory there is a summer cinema under the open sky.

The arts Park Muzeon (Moscow)The arts Park Muzeon (Moscow)

To date, the Museon is part of Gorky Park. To see all the work, it is better to visit it in the summer, because in winter the sculptures are sensitive to cold weather, hidden under the protective boxes.

Sokolniki is a joy for adults and children

Everything you need for recreation and entertainment, there is in this Park: nature with a cascade of ponds, sports facilities (including those submitted to extreme sports), cultural and historical buildings, the pedestrian zone, which lead to the fountain and rozarem. For those wishing to learn the history of the development of the Park operates the Museum. For fans of art regularly holds poetry and music nights for every taste — from classical to contemporary works. History buffs will be interested to know that the Park appeared in the XVI century on the site of primeval forests, which gave preference to hunt the Russian tsars. Hunting was suitable falcons, trained by the trainers-«Sokolniki», hence the name of the Park.

The Sokolniki Park Avenue archesThe Sokolniki Park Avenue arches

In Sokolniki took care of the relations between pedestrians and cyclists: riding laid separate from the walking paths with bilateral movement, so that athletes and pedestrians do not interfere with each other. Equipment for skiing here can be rented all year round: in summer, rollerblades and bicycles, in winter — skating and skiing.

Sokolniki ParkSokolniki Park

A big plus of this place is that there will not be boring to children of all ages: they will amuse rides, gaming room and plenty of opportunity to walk on the rope Park. Delight children and their parents makes a small zoo. Young researchers can conduct exciting scientific experiment in «Innopark» — a children’s science discovery centre, where an interactive Museum and a workshop; and here themed workshops.

Izmailovsky Park — an environmentally friendly vacation

This Park is to this day true to its historical name: in the XVII century there were broken Royal «Strange gardens». Today Izmailovo Park gives you the opportunity to visit the natural forest in the city, overlooking the pond reflects the lights of the super modern hotel «Izmailovo», and to appreciate the magnificent natural scenery.

Izmaylovsky ParkIzmaylovsky Park

Breathe in the air, you can go to the entertainment district: to ride the rides, test their strength in a rope Park, tennis and even archery. And this is only a small part of the sports opportunities of the Izmailovo Park: here are the inventory for most of popular team games, extreme sports and water recreation. Winter outdoor enthusiasts ice skating rink.

Lovers of architecture will appreciate the Izmailovo Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, the wooden Palace and the old apiary. And the most romantic visitors will like to enjoy the Park from a height, by purchasing a ticket on the Ferris Wheel — incidentally, the oldest in Moscow.

Museum-reserve Kolomenskoe — the Union of nature and architecture

Another beautiful, inspiring and rich experience of the place. Its history began as the patrimony of Moscow princes and later kings, thanks to which there were built palaces, churches and gardens. And it is here that Peter the great staged his famous mock battles.

Museum-reserve KolomenskoeMuseum-reserve Kolomenskoe

During a walk along the many paths of the vast territory of the Park the visitor will find many interesting buildings including several architecturally significant churches, complexes of buildings of the Imperial period natural attractions. Attention is attracted and the local nature: planting branching trees look like an illustration out of a fairy tale, pleasing to the eye floral zone and the river. In addition, Kolomenskoye often serves as a venue for open air festivals.

To see everything in one day does not work, because the Park is huge — 390 ha. But for a couple of hours of the visit, the visitor will have time to get a lot of impressions, and leaving, will dream to come back. Effectively complete the visit to the Park can walk on the boat on the Moscow river.

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