The most beautiful nation in the world

Today Chekhov’s reasoning that it is in man should be beautiful, has a special meaning: the soul and thoughts hidden deep, but a selfie at the peak of popularity, because the main hallmark of the contemporary becomes the appearance. And fashion dictates that appearances should fit the standards: the right cheekbones, lips, drogue. But even the Intrusive tendencies not afford to abolish distinct ethnic features. Each of them has its own beauty, and can be recognized the most beautiful nation in the world? Unlikely. But some of them have features that managed to attract the attention of the world.

Latin America

Natalia OreiroNatalia Oreiro

If you choose the most beautiful nation in the number of victories in international beauty pageants, Latin America is the undisputed leader, who conquered all. And in the arts — film, music — Latin Americans are favorably allocated among his colleagues pronounced facial features, with attractive forms and special emotionality. This bonus was given to the native inhabitants of hot areas by mixing European, African and American races. The most famous examples of Latin American appearance — revolutionary Che Guevara, politician Fidel Castro, actress Natalia Oreiro, singer Jennifer Lopez.

Eastern Europe

Olga KurylenkoOlga Kurylenko

Another numerous nation, whose appearance was the result of mixed marriages — are Slavs. The world knows them with brown hair, fair skin and expressive eyes. However, due to long extension of territories to the typical Slavs joined by many other ethnic groups. The result is a complex cocktail with all the variety of the shape of the eyes, skin tones and shapes of noses. Examples of Slavic appearance among famous people — actress Irina Alferova, Olga Kurylenko and Milla Jovovich.

The Scandinavian Peninsula

Julia RobertsJulia Roberts

In view of the European fashion magazine, the native inhabitants of the Scandinavian countries — very often models because they have a cold types of appearance: they have a tall, natural blond, blue eyes and regular features. Their image is often used in fairy tales, there really is something magical, attractive, eye-catching. It is good that it managed to lock in fantasy works, because today, this image is found only in fairy tales: in real life due to the increased number of mixed marriages of «pure» Nordic type of appearance almost completely lost. But Hollywood has many actors with Scandinavian roots, which can still be seen in their faces: among them actors Scarlett Johansson, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, Uma Thurman, Kirsten dunst.


Haruki MurakamiHaruki Murakami

Throughout history has always valued white skin — though not always for happy reasons. Today, the pale face — a symbol of generosity, youthfulness, freshness and radiance, but because the beauties around the world elicits the Japanese have the secret of their white smooth skin. Although cosmetics are completely innocent — it’s all good genes are preserved, due to the fact that Japan started to contact with other countries, by historical standards, and later, the inhabitants of the Country of the rising sun has kept its own distinctive features. What to say about the strange, sculpted-chiseled Japanese eyes, which became the basis of a whole art genre — anime. Such eyes can be seen from the Director Takeshi Kitano, writer Haruki Murakami, writer Akira Kurosawa.



Today Indian culture is on the minds of developed countries of ancient spiritual practices, culinary traditions and national clothes. Together with them, under close scrutiny turned out to be and the appearance of the people of India — an exotic and even a bit mystical by the standards of foreigners. Everywhere women follow national Indian beauty secrets, to get the same full sensuous lips and hair, equally black, shiny and tight. In addition, Indians are distinguished narrow nose (so popular with the Europeans from the plastic surgeons), large dark expressive eyes and small growth. In the list of famous natives of the Indian writer Rabindranath Tagore, actor Raj Kapoor, dancer Hema Malini.

Middle East

Keanu ReevesKeanu Reeves

Eastern beauty — volume, bright, lush, adequately appreciated worldwide, becoming sources of inspiration in all spheres of art. And judging by the statistics of victories in beauty pageants and celebrities, the most beautiful nation of the East — the Lebanese, the descendants of the ancient Phoenicians, mixed with several other peoples, both European and Eastern. Light in them, olive or milky color skin, clean and tight; dark brown, thick shiny hair and, of course, bright expressive eyes. Among the most famous Lebanese actor Keanu Reeves, singer Shakira, actor Omar Sharif.

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