The most beautiful names in the world

For every nation, perhaps the most beautiful name is that which most fully reveals the identity of the person and can tell a lot about the peculiarities of national mentality. But there are names that are popular and beautiful in any corner of our planet.

Slavic names

Slavic man

Slavic names have changed greatly with the advent of the Christian religion, so now hardly anyone will call their children Smyslova Radosvet, Dove, Tsvetana, Beloslav, Vitomir, Gostomysl. And in pre-Christian Russia these names were considered the most beautiful and had a special meaning. Later of the Byzantine Empire came the Greek, Hebrew, Latin names — Angelica, Marina, Sophia, Dmitri, Konstantin, George, Eva, David. Many of them are still considered the most beautiful in the world, and people with the same name can be found in any country of the world.

Slavic woman

The most beautiful Russian female name is Anastasia, which means resurrected to a new life. This ancient Greek name is so like the Russian people, according to statistics of the registry offices is still the most popular among young parents. Among men’s names one of the most beautiful and popular is Michael, which means «like God». This name came from the Slavic culture of the Jewish people, where a great importance is attached to the person’s name. Also very beautiful are considered modern male names – Yaroslav, Illya, Arseniy, Maxim.

The most beautiful European names

European men

One of the most beautiful names in Europe is considered – mark, which is of Latin origin. In European countries it can sound different — Marcel, Marco, Mario, Martin, Marek, but means the same thing – «the hammer.» Women’s names especially beautiful is considered to be the name of Elizabeth – Elizabeth, Elzbieta, Isabel, Elise. It means «one who honors God» and has Hebrew roots. That name in the middle ages it was called children of the aristocracy. Also the most beautiful European names are Maria, Christina, Arthur, Herman, Beatrice Renata.

European woman

Indian names

Indian woman

Indian names are so euphonious that resembles a song. In this country choose the name based on caste and religion. Especially beautiful are considered names like Anil – «divine wind», namely the song Aishwarya – translates as Tulip, Sona is so beautiful. Indian names are not only beautiful sound, but also reflect the beauty of the world and the best human qualities. Also in India it is customary to call children by names of gods and goddesses, it is believed that it gives special protection for a child. Aswani, Arjun, Ayan, Riya — the most common names in India.

Indian men

What names are the most beautiful Muslims

When Muslims or people who convert to Islam choose a name for your child, the beauty of a name for them, is a minor factor. Great importance they attach importance to the name. It is considered that the righteous and the prophets, after whom name the baby, will be a special way to protect the person throughout his life. The names Ahmad, Ibrahim, Abdurrahim most commonly found among the male names. Muslims believe that the name given at birth, come and blessings in the lives of their children. It is also believed that on the day of judgment, every Muslim will be called his name.

a Muslim woman

Female names among Muslims, first of all signify the beauty and qualities of the girl and sound very poetic: Gulnara, Bella, Yasmine, Ayla. All Muslim names have Arabic roots, but there are Iranian and Turkic: Ainagul, Aigerim, Damir, Mansour, Maryam, Omar, Fatima. Muslims firmly believe in the fact that the name determines the fate of the child and try to choose for their children the most meaningful names.

African names

The most beautiful African names are very different from the usual names, and it is a result of significant differences in the cultural, historical and linguistic traditions. However, in recent years, parents in African countries were more likely to use the European names, thinking that therefore will attract wealth and success in life for their children.

African man

The value of the modern African names mostly associated with the phenomena of nature and personal characteristics, and time of birth. For example, male name Ankoma means «little» and the female name, Agamba translates as «born in the evening». Kamo – quiet warrior» Adisa- «warrior who does not doubt», Case «very valuable», Aigion – means «joyful». Also, quite often the Africans name their children in honor of the ancestors on the maternal or paternal side.

African woman

Japanese names

Japanese woman

Japanese names are perhaps the most varied compared to other cultures. This is due to the fact that the Japanese create names by using existing characters, so names in Japan much more than names. Very often, the most beautiful Japanese names describe the phenomena of nature: Akiko is «autumn child,» Cho – «butterfly» Haru «born in spring», akeno is «bright morning». Japanese names sound particularly melodic and beautiful.

Japanese man

Every nation on the planet chooses a name for their children, which most accurately describes the inner world and traditions of this nation and the most beautiful names in the world are those in which a sense of national flavor.

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