The most beautiful names in the world

In his play «the lower depths» by Maxim Gorky raises the issue of the role name in the destiny of man. Swiping through characters some Parallels between their life paths and names, the writer found that these concepts are inseparable and interrelated. No wonder there is a saying: «As a ship call, so it will float». It is also impossible to imagine a person without a last name. In the old days, she testified about human origins, about the profession of his father, the place of residence of his ancestors, and so on. In this article will be considered the most beautiful names in the world in the form of a rating.


German footballer Jens LehmannGerman footballer Jens Lehmann

Let’s start with # 10. Here is rightfully took the name of Lehmann. She is of German origin. Studies have shown that people who possess it, likable business partners, with them very beneficial to business enterprise that is trustworthy in money matters.


American writer Stephen kingAmerican writer Stephen king

In 9th place is the name of the king. It owes its popularity in the British Isles a little over two centuries ago. Familiar writer Stephen king, who knows the footballer leadley king. We can say that it is consonant with the word aristocracy.


ChapterThe Head Of «Gazprom» Alexey Miller

8 is the Miller surname has both English and German roots. This name is so popular that even the most famous brand of beer in the world «Miller» named in her honor. Another interesting fact is that people who want to change their surname to another, choose Miller.


Japanese designer Yohji YamamotoJapanese designer Yohji Yamamoto

7 shows the surname Yamamoto. Not hard to guess what is its origin – Japan. Indeed, it is the most popular name in the country of the rising sun. If you ever hear a Japanese name, it is likely that it was Yamamoto.


French poet-Democrat Pierre-Jean BerangerFrench poet-Democrat Pierre-Jean Beranger

A little higher in this ranking went up and were in 6th place amazingly beautiful last name Beranger. Having French roots, it affects the sonority of their vowels. However, it has not always had such a great and easy pronunciation: several hundred years ago, her owners could boast only a strange name – Berenzon. After some time, due to the desire of the French nation to excellence, she has acquired a modern look.


Swiss chemist Alfred WernerSwiss chemist Alfred Werner

Mid top-10, namely 5, belongs to the understated and classic German names Werner. It originates in one of the most privileged families of Germany, which has been more than two dozen generations. Very strict, but she never ceases to amaze with their grace and genuine beauty of the sounds.


Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, an American literature classicFrancis Scott Key Fitzgerald, an American literature classic

I missed getting into the top three winners of the surname Fitzgerald. It has a fully English roots, although it is impossible to imagine any country in the world where I meet people with such an unusual name. Recently, it has become very popular thanks to writer Scott Fitzgerald. The author has written many good novels, of which the world has become the bestsellers «the Great Gatsby» and «the curious case of Benjamin Button». Indeed, glorify your name!


Claude FrançoisClaude François

The bronze medal goes to the names françois. One of the most beautiful and passionate names around the globe. Originates, oddly enough, in Paris, where many years ago was was the first citizen with such an awesome name. Further, her popularity becomes so great that many residents of the provinces of France is also trying it on myself.


Russian Emperor Nicholas II RomanovRussian Emperor Nicholas II Romanov

2 place the name of Romanov. The origins of this sensual origin of a surname is considered the territory of the Roman Empire. From there she moved to Russia, where there was a notable noble family of the Romanovs who ruled our country for many years.


American film Director Robert RodriguezAmerican film Director Robert Rodriguez

And finally, 1st place – last name Rodriguez. Everyone who hears it probably is in his mind far Latin countries. Indeed, the source of its origin originated on the South American mainland. Despite such ardent and passionate roots of the people it belongs to, often referred to as bearers of blue blood, that is, before the noble families.

The most beautiful names in Russia

Now it is difficult to imagine, but by the end of the 14th century the inhabitants of our country had only the name and patronymic. The first name received by the boyars, princes and kings. Only after 1861 the peasants could boast this addition to his name. Since the beginning of the etymology of the names were associated with the place of residence of its owner: Yaroslavl, Chukotka, Novgorod, Vladimir and Moscow. After a few years, not to be confused between people, surnames began to be in the nature of jobs media: Artisans, Masons, Lugovskoy, Malygin and Bill. At the moment the most popular are those surnames which derive from the name of the father of a large family: Aleshin, Ivanov, Sidorov and Petrov. Most people argues, what is the most beautiful name in Russia. For convenience we have divided the names into male and female, below are examples.

Beautiful female:

  • Oblonsky;
  • Oborin;
  • Akhmatova;
  • Sabanova;
  • Savenkova;
  • Tsvetaeva;
  • Danilina and many others.

Male names:

  • Morozov;
  • Gingerbread;
  • Saltykov-Shchedrin;
  • Filippov;
  • Vyazemsky;
  • Krasavin;
  • Dawydiak;
  • Vasiliev.

To determine the most beautiful name is almost impossible. Everyone is making that choice himself, because, as you know, the taste and color of comrades there.

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