The most beautiful metro stations of Moscow

The subway station can tell a lot about the city’s history and inhabitants. Metropolitan living his underground life and has a very developed infrastructure. As residents of the capital spend a lot of time in the subway, getting to work, each of them has its own especially beloved and beautiful station of the Moscow metro.

The Station «Mayakovskaya»

Mayakovskaya opened in 1938 and became one of the first Soviet metro stations, which received the prestigious award in new York for the world fair. At first it was called «triumphant», and was later renamed «Mayakovsky». Interior style can be defined as art Deco and it looks very avant-garde. As the plant assumed a strong deepening of its prop was not created from concrete, but from a special metal-arched structures, the development of which was attended by the famous aircraft designer A. Putilin.

Metro Mayakovskaya

There are 34 oval niches, lit from the inside and ornamented with mosaics. The only negative is that all this beauty is only visible if you stand deep in the niche. The station has 2 ground lobby, one of which was embedded in the Concert hall. Tchaikovsky and opened in the same year as the station itself. The second lobby was added in 2005 and there is also a bust of the poet. The station «Mayakovskaya» is in the first position in the ranking «the most beautiful metro stations of Moscow».

Metro station Mayakovskaya

Metro station «Kievskaya»

Kiev Station

This station began with the coming to power of N.With.Khrushchev and bears the same name train station, which is located next to the metro station. The paintings and murals depicting the entire story of friendship of the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, as well as present in the design of the military theme. In 2009, the station «Kiev» was equipped with new turnstiles. One of the outputs is decorated in French style and is very reminiscent of the Paris metro.

Panels on the station Kiev

Metro station «Kurskaya»

This station of the Moscow metro was the first that was built near the Kursky station. Construction was completed in 1950, and since then the station has been rebuilt. There are two lobby – North and South. In the center is a huge underground hall, which converges for all complex system of surface and underground facilities that serve the flow of passengers.

Metro station Kurskaya

In the center of the room is a huge column with moldings reminiscent of the floral motifs. The walls marble yellow and pink shades. Cash hall is darker and in it are three stairs. Staircase walls of the chamber is made of white marble. Ground hall is a monumental building and is somewhat reminiscent of the temple. In 1961 was dismantled a monument to Stalin, located in the apse and the name of the city Stalingrad on the high relief of the coin was changed to Volgograd.

Bowl on Kursk station

Metro station «Komsomolskaya»

The construction of this plant was completed in 1934, was originally going to be called «Columbus square». Subsequently, it was decided to name the station in honor of the young Komsomol members who worked on its construction. The project «Komsomol» is one of the largest in the whole Moscow metro.

Metro station Komsomolskaya

It is noteworthy that with the increasing flow of passengers is still very roomy – people come in and out move on the balconies. Painter E. Lansere, who was involved in the design panels, managed with great precision to recreate images of young builders and their clothes.

The entrance to the station

«Revolution square»

Opened in 1938, this station attracts a crowd of students, who firmly believe in the wonderful power of the sculptures are located at this station. For example, it is believed that if before the exam to RUB the nose of the dog of the frontier guard, the delivery will succeed and fail is not threatened.

The Station Revolution Square

In the process of working on the project, leaders of the party came up with the idea to create a whole gallery of revolutionary heroes, although originally the station was planned as entertainment. Sculptors who work in emergency mode, still kept within the allotted time, except that the characters themselves came out some curved. It happened because not enough free space, and the installation of such sculpture was not planned together with the common station project. But their happiness Stalin liked the idea, and he praised the work of sculptors.

Sculpture at the station

It is noteworthy that the prototypes of the bronze sculptures were real people.

Each of these stations has its own rich history and special flavor, so it’s hard to say what the most beautiful metro stations of Moscow. The main thing is that in their construction, our ancestors were the heart and soul.

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