The most beautiful metro in the world

Metro, which first appeared in London in the sixties of the 19th century, will greatly relieve future urban roads. But today it is not only a vehicle – many stations are a true work of art. That is, not all stations are equally similar to each other, there are those that simply amaze with the design. So what are they – the most beautiful metro in the world?

Station of the Stockholm metro (Sweden)

The metro in Stockholm is characterized by the presence of a large number of the most beautiful metro stations in the world. Most often it is called metro art gallery, where many stations there is something to see. Also, this metro is an excellent venue for various competitions, exhibitions and festivals.

Solna centrum station in Stockholm

Very original is the station «Solna centrum». It is made in the form of a cave with green walls, and overhead people is burning red ceiling. Walls provide a picture of how people are felling, and then build his own house, which symbolizes a kind of conquest of the space from mother nature.

One of the most beautiful metro stations in the world is Stockholm «T-Centralen».

Station T-Centralen in Stockholm

It is the intersection of all branches of city metro. Therefore, this station is considered to be one of the busiest – every day coming down here for more than 200 000 passengers. The most original piece here is painted in blue on a white background that resembles a painting, done on porcelain. The figure is on the arches of the station, which was designed in a medieval style.

Neapolitan station «Toledo» (Italy)

The Toledo station in Naples

This is truly the most beautiful metro in the world created in creative art design. The people that come down here, it seems that they fall asleep fine falling snow, or the feeling of diving under the water. This effect is due to the use of mosaic tiles for wall decoration that has different shades of blue. This beautiful station is located on one of the main streets in Naples – Via Toledo.

The Lisbon station «Olaias» (Portugal)

Olaias station in Lisbon

Metro station «Olaias» in Lisbon captivates with its stained-glass ceiling. Every person who enters, will surely raise the head to look to this luxurious composition. The design of this station architect T. Tawara, who carried out their work with thoughts about the opening of the exhibition «Expo 98», the beginning of a work which he dedicated to his creation.

Metro station, Kaohsiung (Taiwan)

Gasinska station «Formosa Boulevard» by the locals nicknamed the «Dome of light». And this is justified, because everything here reminds of something divine. Huge dome which adorns the ceiling of the station, created of glass of different colors. The artist Narcissus mosaic Qualaty includes 4 subjects from the lives of people – water, which symbolizes life, the earth, which indicates the prosperity of the fire, which is able to destroy and revive, and the light that is the creative spirit.

Formosa Boulevard station in Kaohsiung

One of the most beautiful metro stations of the world station is the «Central Park» in Kaohsiung. Its name is due to the fact that it resembles a kind of mini-Park. Coming down or going up escalators, you can contemplate the surrounding terrace with the grass and the beautiful flowers.

The Central Park station in Kaohsiung

Frankfurt station «Bockenheimer Warte» (Germany)

In Frankfurt the subway station, being Central, is considered the most important. It is possible to make the transition to another branch of the subway and go bus stations. But do not rush to leave the station, because there is something to look at is a graceful space that exists inside, very similar to the situation of the spacecraft.

Station Bockenheimer Warte in Frankfurt

The presence of special lighting, smooth lines, metal elements – all this allows to get a feeling of something unreal, but beautiful. Surreal station project also added an unusual entrance to the subway – it is made in the form of a train, which in some part left under the ground, which is also a kind of symbolization of fact underground.

The Munich station «Westfriedhof» (Germany)

Station Westfriedhof in Munich

This station is recognized as one of the most beautiful metro stations in the world. And all thanks to the giant chandeliers, which are equipped with red and amber bulbs. It gives such a glow, from which the walls of the well begin to flicker.

Moscow metro station

Many incredibly beautiful metro stations in Moscow. For example, one of the most beautiful is considered «Slavic Boulevard».

Station Slavic Boulevard in Moscow

Despite the fact that this is a fairly young station (opened in 2008.) she is incredibly beautiful and made in the form of the Palace. The design here is modern style, the deepening of the arch is decorated with trees and figures from the leaves, and everything is made of metal. Here are 3 benches, made in the shape of a boat. Above is the ornate inscription of the name of the station. The floor is black granite and the walls are made of marble with a dark green color.

Komsomolskaya station can be considered as created for the glorification of Stalin’s personality. The ceiling is decorated with a huge mural, which shows the struggle of Russian people for liberation and independence. Gorgeous chandeliers and yellow color make the atmosphere of the station is very warm and friendly.

Station Komsomolskaya in Moscow

One of the most beautiful metro stations in Moscow is considered to be «Kiev». She locked built a circle line. Its main feature is the mosaic panels with stucco, which depicts flags and portrait of Lenin.

Kievskaya station in Moscow

Pyongyang station «Puhung» (North Korea)

The Pyongyang metro is located at a depth of as much as 110 meters, because it is not only public transport but also plays the role of bomb shelters for locals. Made this station in a rather whimsical style.

Puhung station in Pyongyang

Everyone here is very fascinating due to special lighting. In the vaults of the station placed LED lamps lighting are inside the false ceiling. Complement light image chandeliers which hang along the aisle.

Kiev station «Golden gate» (Ukraine)

Station Golden gate in Kiev

This station love to visit not only local residents, but also visitors to the city. Everyone who came here feels like I’m in the era of Kievan Rus. The feeling generated by columns of marble heavy candelabra with candles, mosaic images. «Golden gate» its beauty is just amazing and make people marvel. Passing from the arch to the arch, you can see all the rulers of Kiev from the 9th to the 13th centuries.

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