The most beautiful male names

Long before the child’s birth parents trying to find him a name that even during the stay of the baby in the womb with him you can talk and familiarize with the surrounding world. Approximately 16 week ultrasound already seen the sex of the baby and then expectant mother begins to pick at the mind of your favorite names. Who girls and who boys. According to statistics, of men’s names more than women, and therefore to make a choice in the first case is much more complicated.

The most beautiful male names

You must understand that the chosen parents name the child will go through life, and it will have on the outcome of a certain impact, so hurry in this case should not be. Some couples even at the dawn of the relationship decide how they will call their children together, but this approach is not always justified because taken into account a number of important factors: the date and time of birth, the prevalence of the name in a certain period of history, its meaning, etc. So how can you make the right choice?

The importance of choosing

Most people agree on the opinion that the name given at birth, influences the nature and temperament of man, his behavior in society, and hence on its fate. His name he hears every day, charging him with energy and positive emotions. And if this person his name is not to like? Of course, today, the state allows you to change the name and even the name when the citizen of a certain age, but is it right 18 years old to be Ivan, and then suddenly become Plato? It is therefore particularly important to consider how conformable name with middle name and surname, it sounds gently or firmly, it does not hurt the ear and will not cause ridicule from others.

The importance of choosing a name

Time of the year in which the child was born, is also of great importance. As a rule, the summer children do not have rigid character, but have a slight temperament, activity and cheerfulness. Born in the winter, on the contrary, more closed, but strong in spirit and very smart. The name should be selected suitable so as not to break existing child the rudiments of his natural personality traits. The most beautiful men’s names listed in a special reference book which may apply to any parent for making the only correct choice.



Today’s popular masculine name of Hebrew origin, means «God is my judge». Men with the name Daniel considered, slow and restricted, are not deprived creative abilities and ingenuity. They seek to gain new knowledge, while all have their own opinion. A vivid example – a theater and film actor Daniel Strahov, known for his role as Baron Korff in the TV series «Poor Nastya».




The name has Latin origin and translated into Russian language as «Roman». Novels are by nature endowed with a sharp mind and a sober mind, seek to organize the space around them, make decisions carefully. They are brave and attractive, so popular with females.




«Owns the world» – it stands as it gives the name of his master persistent character with strong leadership qualities. Vladimirov is always good to take in new teams because of their great sense of humor, loyalty to his words and habits, the reluctance to engage in conflict and the ability to make a good impression. Tenacity is one of their most important properties. Just look at President Vladimir Putin to understand what features has the personality that wears that name.




The name Stanislaw is of Polish origin and means «to become glorious». Indeed, Stasy very persistently go to his purpose, sparing neither strength nor the time nor the means, and resorting to less than honest methods. They do not like to obey and be considered weak, prone to emotional outbursts so often in any fights. Have a generous soul, ready to help close any second.




The Greek name means «king of beasts» and gives the owner a truly animal nature in the best sense of the word. The name Leo is now gaining popularity in Russia, as besides the beauty of the sound, it has a set of such human qualities as self-control, sociability, diligence, perseverance and persistence in achieving goals, commitment.



The name stands for «Yara (bright) glory», which corresponds to the temperament of the men who wear it. So, Yaroslava strive to become free and independent, to receive recognition and become a star, at least in the narrow circle of his friends. They are open to new knowledge, quickly grasp and process information, easily learn new things.

When imagination is stronger than conventions

Unusual names


A list of the most beautiful men’s names is not limited only to the preferences of the Russian people. So, the Germans admit that the best sounding names like Arnold, Leon and Lucas, the people of France for the souls honoré, Jacques and Jean-Baptiste, and the English prefer to give their children Michael, David, Charles and Willamae. Among the Arabs of Mohammed’s very common on different interpretations of this name (Mohammed, Muhammad, etc.), and the Tatars particularly popular names Renat, ABA and Raphael. The peoples of the Caucasus, Armenians and Georgians believe that the most beautiful names Arsene, Vakhtang and Zurab does not exist, but also often assign boys Russian name Artem.

The last step

Given the wealth of choice, to choose the right name is not easy. It is necessary to consider three main factors:

  • the name value and inherent traits;
  • the wishes and preferences of both parents; the facts associated with the birth (date, time);
  • the first impression when meeting with your child (sometimes mom, the first time they hold their newborn, understand that matched with such diligence his name doesn’t fit).

It is not necessary to pay tribute to current fashion and to complain about the child as possible, uncommon and ancient name, which are not at the hearing for over two centuries, if the parents feel it is wrong move. Better to stay on the more simple variants, and Hippolytus and Eustachia to leave to someone else. Exotic is not always a pleasant child, especially if the school he’ll be teased by peers. And then he won’t find a better way to change the name that he was so thrilled picked.

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