The most beautiful lips

As a rule, we draw attention to the lips of celebrities. This part of the face plays a significant role in the attractiveness of a person. Beautiful lips can have not only women but also men. Let’s find out who has the most beautiful lips in the world.

Standard beautiful lips like Angelina Jolie

Beautiful and sexy lips of Angelina Jolie

Without a doubt, the most beautiful lips, has Angelina Jolie. The fullness and shape of her lips are so attractive, that does not leave indifferent representatives of a strong half. The lips of this beautiful woman arouse great admiration from men and women all over the world. Someone even eager to change the shape of your lips and give them resemblance to the jaws Jolie. With this purpose people turn to plastic surgeons. However, many do not money this way changes to the shape or lip augmentation, so is there an easier way of adjusting the lips.

To paint lips and to get the desired result!

Beautiful lips, you can draw

Drawing lips is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. But if you act in several stages, it is possible to cope with the task and to the desired shape and thickness of the lips. You need to practice on paper. To do this, first of all, you need to make a layout is to draw three lines, parallel to each other. Then paint the corners of the lips and upper contour. Here you need to know that the top circuit is reduced, and the lower increases. When drawing lips with pencil need to create the effect of shadows and perform wrinkles.

To increase or decrease the lips using the permanent makeup. This procedure allows you to hide the asymmetry of the lips and gives them a clear outline. However, to entrust the implementation of this procedure need only specialist in this field.

Beautiful lips of famous women

Beautiful lips by Christy Turlington

It is not surprising that the career of the «stars» many girls begin thanks to its attractive appearance. And beautiful lips can spoil even the absence of certain talents. We present you the most beautiful lips celebrity photos that prove that these women attractive as well, and due to their jaws.

Claim to be the owners of the most beautiful lips can:

1)Angelina Jolie

2)Christy Turlington

3)Christina Aguilera

4)Keira Knightley

5)Drew Barrymore

6)Kim Kardashian

7)Halle Berry

8)Katherine Heigl

9)Miley Cyrus

10)Jennifer Lopez

Correct and extremely beautiful can be called sponge Christy Turlington. And the lips of Angelina Jolie became her real entrance into the world of «stars.» Thanks to her gorgeous lips, she recognizes the sexual and bright woman.

Beautiful lips of Scarlett Johansson

Gradually, however, Scarlett Johansson Jolie is shifted from the «pedestal» and was considered to be the owner of the sexiest lips. While Johansson said that she liked the lipstick red color, and dabbing it with a brush. Attractive shape of the lips also has a drew Barrymore – just your lips on actress, and attracts the attention of «Charlie’s Angels».

Beautiful lips Megan Fox

It may be noted Sienna Miller, who is not very chubby, but very attractive lips. Plump lips from birth is Megan Fox. After getting the popularity she still decided to correct the shape of their lips, which now look even chubbier.

Beautiful lips famous men

Even men look more attractive if you naturally have beautiful lips. Most beautiful lips:

1)Enrique Iglesias

2)David Beckham

3)Leonardo di Caprio

4)Jason Statham

5)Eddie Murphy

6)Mel Gibson

7)Johnny DEP

8)John Travolta

9)Brad Pitt

Seduces your lips Enrique Iglesias

Many women seduces your lips Enrique Iglesias. Brad pitt was named the winner of the sexiest lips. But among the players the owner of such lips is considered to be Rio Ferdinand. Each of these men has a certain shape of the lips, but they all have one thing in common – extraordinary sexuality. By the way, the shape of the lips can indicate a person’s character, so this part of appearance, you can make many conclusions.

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