The most beautiful Islands in the world

On Earth there are many unusual places which can captivate its incredible natural beauty and exotic. Of particular interest to travelers are the island, perfect to relax, to retire from the daily problems and the rapid pace of modern life. Choosing tourist routes, each determines for itself the most beautiful Islands in the world where you can have a truly heavenly delight.

Musha Cay island

According to many tourists, a leader can be given a beautiful place in the Bahamas called Musha Cay island. Approximately 20 tourists. The water here is incredibly transparent. Great scope for the lovers of diving. The island allows you to endlessly admire beautiful views of the coral reef. Of special interest to abilities located here a fountain, a swim in which gives you the chance to look younger for many years. Luxury villas are the perfect comfort, have their convenient harbours, beach areas.


If you define the most beautiful Islands of the world, it is impossible to ignore Mustique, which is located near the famous Islands of Bequia. It is a luxury resort, a true Paradise in the tropics, where they spend their holidays very rich people from all over the world. Vacationers like to bask on the white sand of comfortable beaches, enjoy the forests on the hills, beautifully reflected in the smooth surface of the emerald sea. Experience the pristine beauty of the island is not erased from memory for a long time.

Turtle Island

The top three most beautiful among the Islands is definitely a part of Turtle in Fiji. It is also called Turtle island. The owner of this amazing place for 30 years, planted over 500,000 trees of different types. In addition, many beaches are perfectly equipped for a comfortable stay, there are 14 beautiful villas. By the way, this island served as a platform for filming the popular series called Blue lagoon. It attracts a lot of newlyweds from different countries to spend unforgettable days of your honeymoon.


The palm, appearing in the registry of the elite resort destinations in the mid 60 R. G. last century, it has rapidly become popular among various categories of tourists. After all, it is one hundred percent ensures the tranquillity of a perfect holiday surrounded by the natural beauty of the tropics. The picturesque name comes from the presence there of many palm thickets. Tourists enjoy sunbathing on nice clean beaches, admiring the beautiful flora and marine life, observe the behavior of exotic birds and, of course, giant tortoises.


It is impossible to ignore and overseas area of England where there are well-known throughout the planet unique luxury Bermuda. From the mass of Islands, only 20 are inhabited. There tend to get many tourists from different countries. Unusual Bermuda in ancient times was often called the devil because of the many accidents that took place in this area. Today on the Islands there are millions of tourists. Their popularity continues each year to grow.


A worthy place among the most beautiful Islands in the world is the famous Barbados. At the same time he is the most available. The island can rightly be called a terrestrial Paradise. It is made of coral limestone, looks like a flat plain, which rises in terraces from the coast to the very center. While on the island, you can swim in the Atlantic ocean (East) and in the gentle Caribbean sea (to the West). A unique place to visit famous people, actors, politicians, and ordinary wealthy people.

A list of the most beautiful Islands in the world, can change. Because it is based on generally subjective opinions of citizens. Each person opens a wonderful space and uses certain criteria to be considered their most unique beauty.

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