The most beautiful interiors of apartments photo

The expression «my house — my fortress» remains relevant at all times. The home is part of us; the place where we spend most of our lives. So it is understandable that we all want our accommodation was beautiful, comfortable and attractive. If you now repair, our article will tell and show you photos of the most beautiful interiors of apartments from all over the world, and who knows what kind of ideas will find its way in the house.

Classic interior

This is primarily a harmonious space that speaks of exquisite taste of the owners and their abundance. Such interior never goes out of fashion and will always be in demand. There are obligatory elements of decor (stucco, draperies, statues, mirrors, paintings). The materials used are high quality and expensive, and the colors are relaxing shades of pastel and pale.


Due to the interior colors are classics made it big (in the photo), it can be used even to convey the depth of the room and the solemnity of the situation. Olive, camel, various shades of brown blends perfectly with the gold, but then you should not overload the room a lot of details. It is better to use for decoration different kinds of plaster, fabric (muted colors and unobtrusive figures) or painted.


All furnishings must be properly lighted so the ceiling and the chandelier paid much attention. Ceiling with moldings, murals and borders you can create entire works of art. A chandelier is always one of the Central places in the room — the luxurious and voluminous, expensive crystal or glass, with faux candles, or pendants.


Furniture, floors and doors are manufactured only from high quality materials, often precious wood. A real decoration of the room is a fireplace with white marble.


The interior in the style of hi-tech

For the active residents of big cities, marching in step with the times, strict and reserved style is something that will allow you to translate all the modern ideas in a concise space. The high-tech style implies a lot of space, light and air due to the minimalist objects. A fan of this trend was still Michelangelo, who believed that the main thing – cut off all unnecessary. This is the most stylish interiors of apartments, and our photos are proof. He appeared not so long ago, in the second half of the XX century and is acceptable in almost any room except the nursery.


Colors here is special is a combination of white with black, gray and shades. Other colors are chosen very carefully, so that the whole style of the room faded into the background, due to the visibility of the palette.


From the materials most commonly used chrome, acrylic, aluminum, glass and plastic very important that they created a glossy surface, another business card style. All of this is made simple and sharp geometric forms of furniture, Windows and doors, no fancy thread, scalloped accessories or gold.


Additional accessories are often original items, original paintings, a different abstraction, a large aquarium or newfangled figurines. As long as their were not very many. Another feature of the high-tech style — perfectly smooth and bare walls. Decorations on the walls a little, and they are not welcome, but on the ceiling, numerous halogen and neon lamps create an abundance of light and space.


Ethnic styles

If you are a fan of any country, and is often visited and want to be in the beloved atmosphere, you should think about creating a ethnic corner in your house.

African — probably the most sought after and popular in our society. Its main features — local ornament, natural minimalist, primitive forms and coarse textures. Basic color of style — a warm shades that mimic the skin of a giraffe, zebras and antelopes. In the interior there are many household items — statues, vases and woodwork.


East — it is rather a collective term that includes many cultures: Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Egyptian. Iridescence, natural materials (bamboo, wood, silk) are the characteristic features of this style. Here simplicity is combined with pretentiousness, and quite skillfully. For easy Chinese interior, the main thing — to comply with the rules of Feng Shui, but Arab, on the contrary, is a pile of heavy furniture, screens, all kinds of draperies and pillows help to attain peace and tranquility.


Egyptian — the progenitor of all known European styles, colorful and luxurious. Many recognizable of all artistic images, frescoes, columns, ornament, papyrus, all of this ancient method of art, beloved by millions of people.Since Egypt is a country of sand and sun, and the colors are appropriate: brown, white, beige, yellow and warm shades of brown. And ebony from Ethiopia, except what served as a sign of wealth owners, and added contrast in the interior.


The most beautiful interiors of apartments in our photo is an opportunity to be inspired by a fresh idea, realize the dream and make your home incredible.

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