The most beautiful horse in the world: photo

Beautiful, graceful and capricious – it’s all about the horses, which is also rightly can be called friends of man. This is a really unique animals that amaze strong personalities and extreme endurance. Let’s look at photos of the most beautiful horses in the world and determine what they attract attention.

5th place in the beauty – the don horse


This breed is considered to be the Supreme-sled and brought her the don Cossacks (18-19 century). Were received from steppe horses, superior a long time by horses and Oriental breeds thoroughbred. Considered one of the original Russian factory.

This is a very elegant breed, which grows at the withers 165 cm Breed East, excellent health and high durability are the main characteristics of these horses. Suit they come in red or brown. You can also find horses, which have a Golden hue, complemented by the dark colors of the mane and tail. Looking at the photo, it can be concluded that these are the most beautiful horse in the world is ideal in endurance, show jumping, eventing. Also they are often used to teach children to ride.

4th place- Orlov Trotter

Orlov Trotter

Is a well-known Russian legkoobratimy breed. Took her to the Voronezh province, were engaged in this count Orlov (in the middle of XVII – beginning of XIX century). Information about this breed, obtained by crossing Arabian, Danish, Dutch breeds, immediately went around the world. The main feature of these horses is able to run at a brisk trot. This breed is also known, that harness in a Russian three Wheeler. At the auctions on an international scale these horses are always particularly popular. Use them in harness and in the saddle makes them quite versatile horses.

Different orlovtsy fine addition, harmony, proud bearing, beautiful movements, pomp, mane, and beautiful curve of the neck and ability to nicely keep the head, emphasizing all his grace. With their beauty they have even inspired some writers to create a brilliant literary works and artists to write beautiful paintings.

3rd place- Arabian horse

Arabian horse

This is a very beautiful breed known to the same all over the world. Different extreme endurance, what makes Arabian horses on the essential horse runs and jumps. This horse is perfect for the athlete-Amateur and riding the layman. Native Arabian horses from the Arabian Peninsula (brought them in IV-VII centuries BC. e..). Their distinctive features are the eye of large size, the head, somewhat concave, and a kind of tail called a «cock» and rises up high when running.

These horses live long enough (thirty years) when compared with breeds of domestic horses, we can call them centenarians. This is a pretty productive breed, able to reproduce even in old age. Today, due to cross-breeding with Arab horses are improving a breed.

2nd place – Akhal-Teke horses

Akhal-Teke horse

Breed saddle horses, first appeared in the territory that is now Turkmenistan (it was over five thousand years ago). It is considered the oldest cultural and most full-blooded, because for all these years, there has been no crossing with other breeds. Able to live in dry and hot conditions, but is easily adaptable to other conditions. It is hardly possible to confuse it with horses of other breeds, because the similarity with Borzoi dog and Cheetah makes it unique. Build a horse to do long lines. She is very smart and «play to the audience» will never happen, but its owner is right.

Honorary 1st place Friesian horses

Friesian horse

That is the breed, which is considered worldwide to be the most beautiful – and really look at the pictures and you will understand. Took her to the XVI-XVII century (in Friesland) was crossed with local «cold-blooded» and the Spanish horse, and the result was this «beauty». This draft breed is even called «the black pearl» because of her grace and the harmony is truly a delight. It is characterized by the presence of hanging from the feet of the frieze (the horses are upland). Friesian horses are tall, slender, easy to ride and also have good-natured character.

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