The most beautiful hair color in the world

Long hair was considered the main decoration of every woman. And in this natural hair color is always valued more and considered attractive. But what is the most beautiful hair color in the world attracts men and makes a woman seductive and attractive? A definite answer to this question is no, because opinion is divided in two. Based on the statistics, the owners of beautiful hair think blondes and brunettes.



On taste and color

The image of a real Russian beauty in many depicted in the form of a girl with a long blond braid and blue eyes. Owner blond hair not only in Russia but all over the world has always been considered the embodiment of femininity, tenderness, fragility and innocence.

the most beautiful hair color


According to psychologists brunette passionate and sensual woman, and the color of the hair, gives it even more mystery and sexiness. And according to statistics 90% of the winners of these famous contests like «Miss World» «Miss universe» is the winner of gorgeous black hair.

The most beautiful celebrity — brunettes

The title of the most beautiful women in the world the last twenty years, is Italian actress Monica Bellucci. The face of well-known brands, world-famous actress in her fifty two years looks simply divine thanks to elegant shapes, sensual lips and gorgeous dark hair.

Monica Bellucci

Hot Mexican Salma Hayek famous American actress and Director, winner of the award «Emmy», is known for her sexy looks and long dark hair. The beauty of Salma, although not young in age does not disappear, but becomes only brighter.

Salma Hayek


Another famous actress is known not only for his roles in the films, but the beauty of Megan Fox. Today it is considered the sexiest woman of Hollywood, with its attractive cat-eyes, gracefully curved eyebrows and a luxurious head of hair.

Megan Fox

The most beautiful color of hair — black

The first beauty of India and the bollywood for many years now, I think Aishwarya Paradise. The winner of the title «Miss World» and outstanding appearance captivates the beauty of men, their bright eyes and a mane of luxurious black hair. The most beautiful hair color in the world makes her the idol of many fans.

aishvariya Paradise

Brazilian adriana Lima – sexy «angel» Victoria’s Secret, the famous model due to their profession, not just changing the color of their hair, but she remembered exactly thick dark hair and a quiet mysterious look.

adriana Lima

A phenomenon of modernity, Kim Kardashian is the most shocking the Hollywood star. It formed a new fashion outstanding feminine hips and wasp waist, making this piece a contemporary Canon of beauty. But in addition to outstanding forms, Kim has proportionate face shape, beautiful eyes and well groomed black hair, give it a mystique and attractiveness.

Kim kardashian

The most obscure, but no less attractive the owner of the black locks is the Chinese fan Bingbing. The first beauty of Asia and the messenger beauty l’oreal is like a delicate porcelain doll and is one of the most talked about figures at the Cannes film festival.

fan Bingbing

Beauty with ash-blond hair

Hardly anyone is born with ash blonde hair color, but nevertheless, many girls dyed their hair in this color, considering it the most beautiful and sexy. And for good reason. First, the popularity of light color hair brought the sex symbol of Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe. All familiar with her famous image of a sexy blonde in a white dress. Still in the world, Monroe is considered a role model.

Marilyn Monroe

The «Marilyn Monroe of XXI century» really think cute blonde Scarlett Johansson. She is known not only for its stunning looks but also for roles in famous Hollywood films, and especially the role of spy Natasha Romanova in the film «the Avengers».

Scarlett Johansson

Green-eyed beauty Rachel McAdams known to viewers for dozens of successful roles in the famous movies. The color and length of hair she changed very often, but always gave preference to bright shades.

Rachel McAdams

Captivating beauty of the South African actress Charlize Theron undoubtedly makes it one of the most beautiful women of our time. As Rachel, the role in the movies, Charlize often changed her hair style, but in the end always returned to her ash-blonde shade of hair.

Charlize Theron

Young Australian Margot Robbie loud burst into the world of cinema thanks to roles in the films «the Wolf of wall Street» and «suicide Squad». The owner of a chic shapes and thick blond curls is truly the sexiest young actress in Hollywood.

Margot Robbie

The appearance of the actress Amanda Seyfried, known to audiences for her role in the movie «Dear John», many have compared with angel. And really the most beautiful hair color in the world, long hair, deep bright eyes make a face to Amanda’s truly a gentle and ethereal.

Amanda Seyfried

Hair color and intelligence

Despite the fact that there are many anecdotes about the owners of blond hair and their intelligence, it is unlikely that the hair colour had something to do with the mind and many successful women-blondes proved the falsity of this opinion.

An outstanding 18th-century astronomer Caroline Lucretia Herschel was a stunning blonde and a real beauty with violet eyes. But that did not stop her to open three new nebulae and become the author of a Handbook on astronomy.

Our compatriot Sofia Kovalevskaya, a mathematician of world level, was also blonde. And her colleague Maria Skłodowska-Curie of Poland was twice awarded the honour of being the winner of the Nobel prize for scientific discoveries in physics and chemistry.

Sofia Kovalevskaya

And our contemporaries-blondes do not give reason to doubt their intelligence. One of them is grace Hopper of the United States. It is determined the owner of blond hair invented one of the first languages of computer programming and carries the rank of rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy.

Grace Hopper

The most beautiful hair color is primarily natural and hair of any color will look spectacular, if cared for properly.

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