The most beautiful flowers in the world

Scientists made a calculation of the existing colors in the world. More than 270 thousand. Of course, this list is complete, change. Because each person has his own opinion, and each flower finds its connoisseur. We present to your attention the most beautiful flowers in the world

1st place – Sakura


The most beautiful flower in the world recognized Sakura – the symbol of Japan. Every year the inhabitants celebrate the feast of its flowering, the approximate number of March 27. Date of celebration varies slightly depending on the beginning of flowering. These days the Japanese are even allowed to go to work, the only way they will be able to admire the fragile beauty of Sakura. Flowering tree lasts no more than a week.

2nd place – Cannes


In the Cannaceae family includes about 50 species of flowers that differ in its color scheme. Canna is a common flower in South and Central America, becoming more popular in Europe.

3rd place – Strelitzia


This plant is widely known as «Paradise bird», which is associated with the shape of flower petals, they look like the feathers of birds living in the tropics. In nature, occurs in South Africa, we have a Strelitzia is known as a houseplant or exotic in a cut.

4th place – Hydrangea


Called the flower Princess, the sister of the Prince of the Roman Empire. Large and very beautiful blossoms of hydrangea made her a favorite among gardeners. There are about 600 varieties. Hydrangea looks airy and easy, so when one of her kind there is a desire to pick big fluffy bouquet.

5th place – Calla


Calla or Calla often used when making Bridal bouquets, but in natural conditions it can be found on the banks of ponds and marshy areas. Many do not even imagined that such beauty is hidden in almost inaccessible places.

6th place – Rudbeckia


In each country the flower its name. Homeland Rudbeckia – North America, by the way, call it Black-eyed Susan here, but in Germany it was called a Sun hat, in Ukraine – Ox-eye. Officially Rudbeckia named by Carl Linnaeus in honor of his best friend and teacher.

7th place – gorgeous Bleeding heart

The bleeding heart Chudov

On seventh position is the Bleeding heart is beautiful, she’s a Broken heart, Heart Jeanette, Slipper mother of God. The British gave the bleeding heart its name, is more similar to ours – Bleeding heart. In every country one can hear legend about the origin of the romantic name of a flower.

8th place — Hyacinthe


Flower named after the beautiful Greek youth Hyacinth, the lover of the God Apollo. According to the ancient Greeks, in same-sex relationships were not taboo and nothing is abnormal. Was indifferent to him and the God of wind Zephyr. Hyacinth didn’t answer the God of wind back, and then enraged Marshmallow was sent to the boy’s head disc of Apollo. From the blood of Hyacinthus and has a beautiful flower. What a sad story about the origin of the Hyacinth.

9th place – Lantana

The lanthanum

In fact, Lantana belongs to the evergreen shrubs, especially common in Venezuela and Colombia, also the plant is found in some countries of Central or South America. Strange as it may sound, but for some Lantana – a simple weed.

10th place – Dendrobium


The name of the flower is connected with the Greek, dendro and bio, which means tree and life, in General, means «living tree». Dendrobium is protected by international Convention banning trade in wild plants and animals. We have the same as it is found in ornamental gardens and in regular flower pots.

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