The most beautiful figure in the world

It is very difficult to find a woman who is completely happy with her figure. Usually, they come up with various complexes, which then trying to fight. And it turns out in most cases in vain! As shown by surveys among men, few of them really like skinny model girls. So it looks like the most beautiful figure in the world? And is there such?

the most beautiful figure

The most beautiful figure girls

Most men call beautiful figure with bulges. Psychologists have found an explanation that men subconsciously choose a partner with good health and ability to procreate. It is therefore not surprising that the most attractive is the figure of «hourglass».

hourglass figure

In the Wake of «the sandglass» are a petite girl and petite. Men they are attracted to its subtlety and poignancy. They subconsciously want to protect.

miniature figure

But everyone knows the parameters of 90-60-90 was only on the 3rd place among the men’s preference. Of course, such a figure is harmonious. Those women have a slim figure, slightly prominent hips and average Breasts.

figure 90-60 90

Changing standards of beauty

If you delve into the history of the past century, we can see how volatile are the standards of beauty. Remember, all women aspired to be like favorite men – Marilyn Monroe. And her proportions were 92-60-86. And this despite the growth of 158 cm.

Marilyn Monroe

Later the ideal of beauty was considered as Leslie Hornby and options 80-53-80 with the growth of 170 cm it is the most close to the modern standard of beauty.

Leslie Hornby

In the 80 years of the last century, the idol of millions is the singer Madonna with the parameters 90-60-86, with an average growth.


Today the standards of beauty have changed and everyone wants to be like angelina Jolie – tall girl with a figure «carrot», which has wide shoulders and rather narrow hips. Of women with this type of shapes we call beautiful.

Angelina Jolie

According men in a female body attract them not work, and the proportionality and aesthetics. So the researchers determined that the majority of men think the most beautiful waist 75 cm hips – about 100 cm While the bulk of the breast of everyone, but for most 3 is an ideal size.

The most beautiful star shapes

As you can see, an example to follow at any time were well-known people. Among the modern stars perfect figures are:

Nicole Scherzinger

The 36-year-old beauty with the growth of 165 cm and weighs 52 kg and settings 89-61-90 see For this Nicole sticks to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. 3 times a week she is engaged with a personal fitness trainer.

Nicole Scherzinger

Scarlett Johansson

30-year-old American actress many have called the owner of the perfect figure. With the growth of 164 cm, 54 kg, she weighs Her options 94-63-95 see to reach them, the actress maintains a balanced diet and do not bother to grueling workouts in the gym.

Scarlett Johansson

Jessica Alba

With the growth of 169 cm, a beautiful woman weighs 55 kg and can boast options, see 90-62-91 to keep fit Jessica 4 times a week gruelling training at the fitness center and during lunch eats only half a serving.

Jessica Alba

Monica Bellucci

In its 50 years, the actress can boast of parameters 92-65-97 cm, height 176 cm and weight up to 65 kg. Monica claims that it is the result of her active lifestyle. To get in shape before filming, she turns from sweet and starchy foods.

Monica Bellucci

Halle Berry

46-year-old beauty for decades to come down from the pedestal the most beautiful women in the world. At growth of 177 sm, weight of 55 kg, and the parameters are 90-59-91 see the food Holly followed, not only for these parameters but also because she has diabetes.

Halle Berry

Emphasize the beauty of the figure

Often under the influence of glossy magazines and images on TV, women underestimate their figure. And hiding the dignity of his figures, underestimating its benefits. But to emphasize them and hide what is imperfect simply choose the right your wardrobe.

To draw attention to beautiful Breasts will help blouses and shirts with V-neck.

shirt with V-neck

To focus on the wasp waist help straps and belts, skirts and trousers with high waist.

skirts and trousers with high waist

To emphasize the hips to help the skirt with a drop waist and a bright decor.

skirt low waist

To owners of long and slender legs you need to choose a formfitting dress or skirt and short shorts.

bodycon dresses

Experiment with your clothes and remember – each of us is perfect and unique!

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