The most beautiful female athletes of Russia

They are always feminine, attractive, handsome, with a gorgeous figure and high intelligence. They are the most beautiful female athletes of Russia — proudly defending the honor of the country in all tournaments and Championships. We have tried to compile for you the top 10 of the most ambitious beauties athletes.

10. Elena Vesnina

– Russian professional tennis player, honored master of sports. Vesnina for the first time took the racket in 7 years, and from that moment inseparable from the tennis court. In 2016, it showed good results, having risen in rating WTA on the 50s place. For high sporting achievements at the games of the XXXI Olympiad in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) was awarded the order of Friendship.


9. Natalia Goncharova

– volleyball player, diagonal, forward, athlete of the national team of Russia. He started his volleyball career in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, and since 2008 has played for Moscow «Dynamo». In 2010 he won the world championship. Honored master of sports.


8. Maria Shurochkina

– honored master of sports of Russia in synchronized swimming, six-time world champion, Olympic champion in 2016. Most popular young and promising stka of the Russian Federation. In his free time engaged in creativity, both are already starting to think about what she will do in the future after their sports career.


7. Yana Kudryavtseva

– the daughter of a famous swimmer, Olympic champion in 1992 Alexey Kudryavtsev. Russian gymnast, silver medalist of the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, as well as multiple winner of world Championships, Europe. Kudryavtseva is recognized as the youngest of the absolute world champion in history of rhythmic gymnastics.


6. Yuliya Efimova

– Russian swimmer began his career under the guidance of his father. The winner of numerous medals and awards. It is difficult to list them all. In July of 2016 took first place at the tournament in Los Angeles to swim the 200 m breaststroke.


5. Elena Alekhine

sevenfold Russian champion of Russia in this sport as snowboarding. Considered a master of sports of international class. Alekhine since 2008 vegan. Loves his profession and, despite the tight schedule in his life finds a place for everything what she likes.


4. Olga Petrova

is a Russian football player, midfielder of the women’s team. Recognized as the best player of the Russian Championship 2011/2012, honored master of sports of international class. Multiple winner of Cup of Russia, Cup of Albena resort and the champion of Hungary, 2005


3. Darya Klishina

– Russian long jumper.. Klishina in the past, the volleyball player, but thanks to her father became involved in athletics. In 2011, according to Bulgarian sports Internet resource SPORTAL. BGv was voted «sexiest Russian athlete». In 2016, became the winner of the championship of Russia, and also the only athlete admitted to the Olympics in Rio.


2. Vera Biryukova

– a Russian gymnast. Member of the national team of Russia in rhythmic gymnastics. Master of sports of Russia international class. Champion of summer Olympic games 2016. Honored master of sports. At the summer Olympics took the gold. One of the most attractive girls in Russia, has a charming smile and stunning figure.


1.Tatiana Navka

– Russian figure skater, three-time champion of Russia, double world champion, honored master of sports, 2004. Navka involved in numerous projects, conducts an active way of life. In 2012, he was a confidant of the Prime Minister and the candidate in presidents of Russia of Vladimir Putin. Winner of numerous awards and nominations.


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