The most beautiful dresses in the world

Women always tend to dress stylish and fashionable. Beautiful dress immediately increases the confidence of the fair sex in its irresistibility. By wearing it, any feeling, instantly, raised self-esteem and mood. I wonder what women felt, putting on gorgeous dresses in the world?

The tastes are hard to argue, but one of the main criteria for the title of most beautiful dresses in the world is the feeling of delight that you feel when you see this instance, and burning desire immediately put it on yourself.

Numerous polls showed that most women consider to be one of the most beautiful dresses in the world what Marilyn Monroe wore to the birthday of John F. Kennedy in 1962 and sang it Happy Birthday.

Marilyn Monroe

Jean-Louis at the request of the actress have created a dress that simulates the effects of exposure. Monroe wanted to hit the President and the effect was really stunning. Worn on the naked body, it was remembered by all present, far from the scene thought that it is not only the brightness of the beads reminded otherwise.

The thin silk Nude 6 diamond decorated with thousands of sequins and cut that hugs the figure of the singer — outfit and now, 50 years later is amazing.

Marilyn Monroe

Fashion designers often creating the fashion, draw inspiration from nature. It was her boundless imagination helps us create things that people don’t cease to admire. Was no exception and Luli Yang, taking the idea of the fluttering wings of a moth.


The model was so successful that for the past ten years she hasn’t moved from the category of «fashionable dress». Previously she worked as a graphic designer at the University of Washington, but saw one flying monarch butterflies (one of the most spectacular), I decided to change the scope of activities and create the most beautiful dress in the world. In the photo you can see that her debut was just mind-boggling.

Light and weightless, with incredible shades, the product was originally made out of paper and then embodied in a fabric variant. The dress is made from the finest silk, which, when walking, mimics the movement of a butterfly’s wings, and the fitted bodice is decorated with a fountain braid, completes the look.

Thanks along today, Luli Yang successful American designer who produces a collection of formal and Bridal wear on the basis of prints fauna.


Another model, which we can’t ignore the dress — up of 2 thousands of real peacock feathers. It was presented in 2009 at the exhibition in Nancing (China). Within 2 months, eight of the masters have worked hard to make a unique dress worth 1, 4 million dollars.


The bodice of this luxurious dress is embellished with 60 green jade and completed with Nanjing brocade. She is known in China for over 2 millennia the fact that both sides of the facial tissue. A skirt made of peacock feathers shimmers with blue, green and gold.

Preparation for the drafting made a long stage — the master went on Chinese farms and collected the discarded feathers for the plume. But if you consider that one male can be obtained for the year of about 200 feathers, we can understand how their work was painstaking.


The most beautiful evening dresses may not be cheap. I think it will be interesting to see what expensive items submitted to women fashion industry and how they fall under the category of the most luxurious?

One of them is a dress by Debbie Wingham, a famous British designer. Its price is 5, 5 million dollars, which consists of 50 black diamonds (each not less than 2 carats), white diamonds, cast gold and other large stones weighing 5 carats.

The outfit of crepe de Chine, chiffon and satin weighs about 14 kg, and wearing it quite difficult. And the whole work lasted about 2 years.


But the most expensive dress at the moment is considered the outfit of a Malaysian fashion designer Faizali Abdullah price of $ 30 million, called «Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur».

The main cost elegant evening dress is made of taffeta and natural silk is 750 diamonds for a total weight of 1000 carats. The highlight is a 70-carat gemstone on the bodice, and the diamond tears, shining not only the top and bottom, but the plume of luxurious dress.

The Nightingale Of Kuala Lumpura

Icons of beauty and style must appear in beautiful dresses. For example, Angelina Jolie many times shone on the red carpet, never the same twice. But a cream dress with red lapel from Lebanese designer Elie Saab is considered one of the most successful. Warm shades satin shade skin color of the actress, and the red accent emphasizes her gorgeous lips. Exquisite and chaste outfit fit Jolie and only the high slit adds a touch of sexuality.


Olivia Wilde at the 2011 Golden globe ceremony was unequivocally awarded the title of «the most beautiful evening dress». Grey c a black dress is a shade of mocha, rolling in chocolate encrusted with silver sequins that looked just amazing. American fashion house Marchesa always uses contrasts to their model was the epitome of femininity and elegance — and they do it…


Another dress of this house, which claims to be a model of elegance, was worn by Rihanna in 2011. Contrast perforated abstract forms successfully highlighted the figure and the singer looked terrific.


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