The most beautiful dog in the world

It is difficult to find a pet that would be as popular as the dog. Fish, hamsters, parrots will never be able to take this palm from the dog. And it is quite natural, because the dog is considered man’s best friend. It is not only a loyal guardian, and a creature to be trusted and to Express their innermost desires and secrets and know that she will not betray.


The beauty of dogs is a relative concept, because for each host it is his four-legged friend is the most beautiful. But still we can distinguish several breeds of dogs that can not be seen without admiration, regardless of personal tastes.

Collie (circle)


An assistant Alpine herdsmen and a great friend of children. Rough collie always cause admiring glances. This breed of dog is great for keeping in a private home and always likes to stay close to the owner. This is because the ancestors of the modern collie has long remained alone with their hosts-shepherds on the mountain pastures, keeping them warm with its fur on cold nights and protects them from predators. Among all breeds it is difficult to find a more kind, docile and affectionate dog, it’s perfect as a companion dog.


Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute

This breed is a symbol of the U.S. state of Alaska and is one of the oldest on earth. Bred in the harsh climate of the Inuit tribe, these dogs in recent years have proven to be suitable as potted dog. Noble, tough and loyal they are able to carry the sleigh with a huge cargo across the endless snows of the Arctic. This breed is somewhat similar to a wolf, and not surprising, because in the veins of his ancestors flowed the blood of wolves.


Fluffy wool is thick Malamutes require special daily care and, if kept at home. That’s the kind of coat the dog can sleep in the snow even at low sub-zero temperatures. Despite the apparent severity, he is very cheerful and playful dog that gets along well with children and loves long walks on the air in a noisy company.

Golden Retriever



English hunting breed was developed by Lord Tvidmaut and for many years was considered a dog of the aristocracy and nobility. Puppies of this breed cost a lot of money, so ordinary people could not afford to have a dog. Retriever has long ceased to be just a hunter, but became a loyal friend and companion. Thanks to her amazing reddish-brown color and he got the name Golden.

Golden Retriever

Of these dogs make great guide dogs, as they have calm and balanced character. Also this breed is used for the treatment of autism in children, dogs are perfectly able to relieve the stress and tension of the human psyche. Apparently, the Golden Retriever, the most beautiful dog breed in the world.

Samoyed husky


This breed got its name from the Northern tribe of the Samoyeds, whom she accompanied on the hunt and helped to carry different loads. These dogs are great hunters of bear and walrus, as well as excellent herders of reindeer. Samoyed also called Arctic Spitz for similarities with their smaller brothers. For the first time this breed was brought to Europe in 1890 and from the UK she began her journey of conquest of other European countries.

The Samoyed

Since the coat of a Samoyed is white, she needs a good and thorough care. Despite the fact that the breed came to us from the country of eternal cold, dogs thrive in any climatic conditions. Fans of the Samoyed say that the dog is a wonderful babysitter and great with kids of any age. Earlier small children even left side of these dogs, and they are happy warmed his kids, and remained completely motionless. These dogs are wonderful friends, but do not like confined spaces.




If you decide to have in the apartment of a Doberman, then you can say goodbye to peace and quiet. This dog will be the only person who likes active way of life. This breed was bred in Germany and got its name from the name of the breeder Friedrich Louis Dobermann, who was a tax police officer. Completely disillusioned with the working qualities of dogs, which he provided for the service, he began a new breed, specifically to work with the police.

Dobermans different colors

It should be noted that he succeeded perfectly, because the Doberman Pinscher, along with a German shepherd, is still considered the best assistant the police. Athletic, muscular, and at the same time refined and elegant, the Dobermann has proven himself as an excellent guard. Powerful jaws, reaction speed allow him a few minutes to deal with any attacks on your security.

But before you decide to have this dog, be aware that the Doberman is by nature hot-headed and he needs a lot of time in traffic. Life on the soft rug near the couch is not for him. If he doesn’t get daily exercise, the Doberman will begin to seek adventure in the apartment and this is hardly like the man who is accustomed to silence and order.

Japanese Akita inu



A native of the country of the rising sun Akitas won worldwide fame thanks to the famous representative of this breed — Hachiko, who is considered in Japan as a national hero. The devotion this breed in Japan is legendary, but not every person can cope with raising such a dog. Because the Akita has a very strong and independent character, she will try to take over the host. But for someone who can be her authority, she is the most docile and gentle creature. Akita loves little kids and enjoys playing with them.

Akita puppy

So what is the most beautiful dog in the world? This is probably the one that you love with all my heart and who will be loyal to you until the end of his life.


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