The most beautiful city of Russia

Russia – a great power with a unique and diverse history and rich culture. Any, even the smallest, the town played a role in the centuries-old history of the country, making its cultural heritage. It is very difficult to understand which is the most beautiful city in Russia, because every corner of our country is beautiful in its own way. Any of them can be enriched spiritually, to admire the historical monuments, enjoy the beautiful nature, visit museums and theatres.

Even in the age of technical progress and the spread of identical and impersonal structures, wires and other endless charms of the modern world, you can find a lot of amazing corners of nature, to meet a beautiful old building. In the most beautiful cities of Russia is a large number of amazing and interesting places, which have preserved their history, fame and personality. We have considered all of this, reaching the top 10 the most beautiful cities of Russia.

1. Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

This city on the Neva river attracts hundreds of guests from all over the world every day, attracted by their distinctive architecture, the beauty of the white nights, drawbridges. Add to this the rigor of the streets, a variety of patterned railings, the many bridges, the magnificent quays, and you will understand why St. Petersburg can be enjoyed forever. The heart of the glorious city and suburban Palace and Park ensembles are under the protection of UNESCO. Once in St. Petersburg one day, it is impossible not to love him.

2. Moscow


Beautiful capital receives our silver rating. This largest city of Russia is famous for the Kremlin and red square, the Mausoleum, the triumphal arch, the Tretyakov gallery, numerous churches, the Armory, sometimes for entertainment, a courtyard is something to see. And it’s nice to walk along Arbat street and be in Tsaritsyno! No wonder in Moscow as tourists from around the world.

3. Kazan


This large city is the capital of Tatarstan, in which intricately intertwined the two cultures. That is why here you can meet on the same street and the Christian Church and a Muslim mosque. Many cultural monuments, beautiful Bank of Volga river, countless churches and mosques, the Kremlin – Kazan, you can walk endlessly and discover something new again and again.

4. Ekaterinburg


It is not only the most beautiful city of Russia top-10 can’t do without Ekaterinburg, the Ural capital. This large city is slightly inferior to the capital of Tatarstan, the pace of development, and many monuments, old palaces and buildings destroyed during the Soviet Union. But even after that, there is something to admire: manor houses, the house of Sevastyanov, the County courthouse, a beautiful Church, the Royal bridge. It is impossible not to feel the Church on spilled Blood, commemorating the place of death of the last Russian Tsar, and modern monuments, among which we can see the keyboard, the invisible man, Vysotsky and Marina Vlady.

5. Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod

Reason this famous city is called the third capital of Russia, due to the small distance from Moscow, the population of the city is amazing. Here are woven beautiful architecture, gorgeous nature, amazing features, such as the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, monument to Minin and Pozharsky, the old manor, the magnificent quays, monasteries, etc.

6. Kaliningrad


We can not talk about Kaliningrad, whose history goes back eight centuries. The city, built by the Germans, began to belong to Russia only during the Second World war. By the way, the war did not pass unnoticed, but even hard times could not completely destroy the beauty and identity of a European capital. Preserved Brandenburg, Royal and fridlandskie Vorota, defensive Wrangel tower, the Church and the Cathedral in königsberg. Neustroeva part of Kaliningrad is also attractive for tourists, there are many theatres and institutions for the storing and exhibiting of objects of culture, various monuments, such as Baron Munchausen.

7. Novosibirsk


The city, the size of which deserves the third place in Russia, situated on both banks of the Ob river. Geographical attachment of Novosibirsk relative to other areas can be called the capital of Siberia. Novosibirsk younger than the previous cities, so there are not many historical sites and monuments. But it is no less attractive! The oldest buildings of the city is the Chapel of St. Nicholas, an Orthodox Church in the name of Alexander Nevsky and the Cathedral of ascension. Among the modern buildings, you can allocate the largest Siberian railway-station, Museum of the Sun, has about four hundred exhibits, several theaters, numerous sports facilities, impressive cultural heritage, among which there is even immortalized sausage and a traffic light.

8. Sochi


Should Siberian city is probably the most popular Russian resort on the black sea. Sochi cannot be imagined without sunlight, gorgeous beaches, clear sea, caressing breeze, comfortable climate and variety of greens. But besides beaches and enjoy the magnificent nature in Sochi you can visit the many parks with rare species of flora and fauna, aquarium, Summer and Winter theaters, and many museums. Architectural monuments are not the only things that can please the curious tourist in Sochi many natural attractions, such as Eagle rock, 33 waterfalls, groves, caves, national parks.

9. Rostov-on-don


The southern capital of our country is loved by many for the abundance of parks and gardens in harmony with ancient and modern buildings. Founded in the mid-18th century, the city has received several titles, called the «city of five seas», «Gates of the Caucasus», although no sea, no mountains here are not available. The city is notable for the large number of monasteries and mosques, great monuments and beautiful nature. The main historical heritage of the beautiful town focused on the main street. Cathedral of the Nativity of the blessed virgin Mary stands out among all. Many tourists love the monument to the famous Belgian sculptor «Gives life», a sculpture of Stenka Razin, the fountain of «the Twins» and a drawbridge.

10. Arkhangelsk


The tenth in our ranking, but not the last is the most beautiful city of Russia, earned the honorary title of city of military glory. The ancient city, which has more than five centuries, has retained its essence to our time. This is evidenced by various wooden structures, especially on the Avenue chumbarova-Uinskogo, which was so interesting to walk around. Arkhangelsk for many years was the North port, which influenced its architecture, which reflects the life of the city. Among the attractions you can find memorials to ships, sailors monuments, yungam, who sacrificed himself during the great Patriotic War, and even immortalized the seal-the Savior.

Of course, our ratings may not include all of the beautiful Russian city, and opinion about beauty may be different. Each person can provide for themselves especially favorite parts of our homeland, especially a lot of them. Each town is unique and beautiful in its own way.

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