The most beautiful cars

Each of us though time in life heard the phrase «Beauty will save the world.» Beautiful can be anything, but in this article we will talk about the most beautiful cars, according to motorists. Pretty hard with great accuracy to make such a list, because each person has his own preference and the taste of women often differ from men’s taste, in some cases it can be totally opposite like black and white. consider the most beautiful cars in the world

1. Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari EnzoFerrari Enzo — one of the most beautiful cars in the world

This car is considered the best of the best. The Italians for many years recognized as the creators of fashion, no matter whether it’s clothes, or a car. Ferrari Enzo will delight not only unique appearance but also a powerful 6-liter engine. All the details are well combined with each other, thus complementing each other. Sleek, handsome unique and beautiful.



On the creation of this model worked Faris Rossin, who has previously worked as a designer in the company «General motors». Under the bonnet of the supercar is enhanced Bavarian engine with a volume of 5 L. It has a capacity of 750 HP. Turbocharged ROSSIN-BERTIN VORAX in 3.5 seconds, reaches a maximum speed of 100 km/h.

3. Audi R8

Audi R8

The release of this «child» was involved in the German company. Audi R8 sports car referred to. The car debuted nearly 10 years ago in the famous Paris. The basic version of the car issued 420 «horses» with heavy duty power unit for the 4.2 L. Drive «car» to 100 km in 4.6 seconds.

Alternative to the native motor can only be the ten-cylinder engine of 5.2 liters. The «monster» will generate power from 525 to 550 «horses», it will affect the technical features. Despite this, to disperse the car to 100 km will require the same amount of time.

4. SSC Tuataro

SSC Tuataro

About this car you can simply say «space car». The Americans had a lot of time to devote to creating extraordinary models, but these efforts were not in vain – more than one year SSC Tuataro is a high-ranked «Most beautiful car». It really is a car of unearthly beauty, while still high speed. Acceleration to 100 km takes only 2.5 seconds.

5. The McLaren P1

The McLaren P1

Speaking of the most beautiful cars in the world, causing indescribable delight of car enthusiasts, we should not forget about it hypercare. Its aerodynamic design will really be able to charm everyone. The movement of the machine is a hybrid setup on the 3.8 l McLaren P1 Weighs about 1.4 T. the Speed of 200 km/h takes only 6.8 seconds.

I would like to pay attention to famous old men, let’s look at the top three.

1st place — Ferrari 250 GT SWB

Ferrari 250 GT SWB

This car was presented in Paris in 1959. 12 cylinder engine of 3 liters power output was 280 HP. This model Ferrari was racing, though there was another way to say «road version» with less power. To date, the cost of this unit reaches 6 million dollars.

2nd place – Jaguar) E-Type

Jaguar) E-Type

The vehicle has the 5.3 l engine that operates on automation and mechanics. Some models do without power steering, but it did not touch the Jaguar. Latest released is in the Museum. In 1975, the company released 49 black Jaguars E-Type – this was a farewell to a landmark car.

3rd place – Jaguar hk120

Jaguar hk120

This model is not pinned great hopes, but everything changed after her debut. Jaguar hk120 was recognized as the fastest car of those times. In 2010, the rarity, repeatedly taking part in races, was sold for 2.53 million dollars.

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