The most beautiful cakes

Professional confectioners able to create beautiful cakes, seemingly of the most common ingredients. Some culinary masterpieces even «flaunt» on the cover of their respective publications, attracting special attention. The most beautiful cakes in the world, a photo of which is presented in our article, available for a variety of celebrations – kids birthday, weddings, anniversaries. And all of these products are very original and probably very tasty.

For the original cake – an unusual decoration!

Today often for decorating cakes used fondant

All Housewives know that the table decoration is the main part of the preparations for any celebration. And cake will always be an important part of table decorations. As a decoration this product uses different ingredients:

  • chocolate chips;
  • marshmallow;
  • cocoa;
  • nuts;
  • the candied fruit.

The main thing here is not to overdo it so the cake didn’t look too pretentious. Is to decorate to pick up a few products that will be the perfect accompaniment to bread products. Of course, the most popular option cake decorating is cream. But he can spoil quickly or melt in hot weather. So today in the «fashion» consisted of mastic, for the manufacture of which uses gelatin, powdered sugar and marshmallows. With putty you can create a unique design confection.

Birthday: a cake for any theme!

Beautiful cake for birthday child

Birthday is the occasion when as a gift you can present to the birthday boy gorgeous cake. Through the use of mastic which is molded like clay, you can make a unique product for a young child who will love the little figurines on the cake will be able to read his name on it.

Created for adults the most beautiful cakes in the world the photo you see below, just call indescribable delight. Without a doubt, the feast with the cake will be quite the spectacle! But if you have to know the Hobbies of the celebrant and to order a cake on relevant topics, that surprise will not be boundaries.

Wedding miracle!

Three-tiered wedding cake

Without a beautiful cake can’t do no wedding is the product is the main attribute of the wedding table. Typically, these cakes are made in several tiers and look just great. They can be decorated with chocolate figurines of the bride and groom or different inscriptions, which are numerous requests for a young family.

The most beautiful wedding cakes are designed as if to amaze guests not only with their taste and appearance. Usually newlyweds cut the cake together (hold than double), which is a symbol of their harmonious relations in their family life. Then the cake is cut into small pieces and offered to guests.

And which cake is the most beautiful in the world?

The most beautiful cake for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Undoubtedly, beautiful cakes is present as a main attribute at the weddings of notable people. Usually on preparing these products are well-known pastry chefs who have to show the newlyweds a real masterpiece. Among the most beautiful of cakes is the product that was cooked for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The remains of cakes with celebrations of the Queens even not released – they are Packed in special boxes and sent on sale for collectors who collect items related to Royal families.

The world's most expensive cake - cake with diamonds

Well, if we talk about the most expensive cake, this is cake with diamond jewelry, the cost of which amounted to about 20000000 dollars. This product was created for the Bridal show in Beverly hills (in 2006). However, anyone try the cake taste failed – the product is carefully guarded against all attacks.

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