The most beautiful beaches in the world

Many of us look forward to the holidays – finally get a chance to lazily soak up the sun on any coast. But how to choose a decent place that would not spoil a long awaited vacation? The most beautiful beaches in the world – the topic of this article.

The Beaches Of Vatulele – Fiji

The Beaches Of Vatulele

This town is valuable because there has not yet reached civilization. Lost in the jungle, among the vast azure lagoon of the island Vatulele attracts tourists from all over the world. Interesting researchers here waiting for the mysterious caves and cliffs decorated with mysterious drawings. Here you can lie on the beach, watching huge red shrimps diving. On this tropical island you will have the unique opportunity to be yourself and really relax, even in a restaurant there, old people in shorts and barefoot.

Anse Source D’argent – Seychelles

Anse Source D'argent

This cozy beach is located on the coast of La Digue. Visit here you will be able to admire the beautiful landscape, bathed by the warm waters of the Indian ocean. Decorated with picturesque coves landscape is the best place for a romantic getaway. Soft sand, great shade clear water, gorgeous palm trees growing at the water’s edge. Here nature tried to glory, and man built next to this beauty of the modern hotels.

Wandering along the coast, you can stumble upon the huge boulders is the memory of the long history of the island. How much they are here is unknown, but, judging from the region of the edges, enough to the sea they were hewn. They give the appearance of the island a special flavour and pristine charm.

The Beach Of Grande Anse

The Beach Of Grande Anse

To get to this town, will have to try, but then you will be rewarded with a cosy clean beach, which will quite a few people. Perhaps due to the strong waves here swimming is not possible, but surfers there is a real freedom.

The Beach Of Grande Anse

Unfortunately, the beach, the natural vegetation, so the umbrella will have to bear with me – but it’s worth it, look at the photo, what a beauty!

Beach on Tioman island – Malaysia

Beach on Tioman island

A small and mysterious island, which has lived only two hundred people, washed by the waters of the South China sea. From the height of bird flight, Tioman resembles a slumbering dragon. Unspoilt place, attracted by its pristine beauty, unspoiled nature. The island is considered one of the best on the planet. He has his own story, shrouded in many legends.

One of which says that once lived a Princess-dragon, and one day, flying over these places on the way to Singapore to see a loved one, was enchanted by the beauty of these places. And she decided to stay here to have the opportunity to admire the beautiful landscape. She asked the gods to turn her into an island and the gods heard her. So there Tioman.


Cozy beach of white sand, the landscape is decorated with picturesque bays. This island is dotted with colorful flowers pristine, rich in the babbling brook with crystal clear water.

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world – a Paradise for lovers of scuba diving. In coastal areas, home to a huge amount of marine life. Exploring the rock formations of volcanic origin it is possible to spend more than one day.

Beach Pink Sands Beach

Beach Pink Sands Beach

This sun-drenched Paradise is located on harbour island. Island we can say that small, its area is about 10 sq km, but it gained popularity broad. Of interest is that the harbour beach was covered with unique sand. During a storm on the coast of the fragments of coral and pink shells, breaking waves on small particles, is mixed with regular sand, and it turns out the coast of pink.

Beach Pink Sands Beach

Spreading crowns of the palm trees will allow you to escape the midday heat, and the clear waters of the Atlantic provide an opportunity to fully enjoy the view of the unique representatives of these places.

The Nungwi Beach

The Nungwi Beach

You have heard about Zanzibar? Here is the most beautiful beach in the world – nestled among the emerald waters of the Indian ocean, the island Nungwi is framed with a white edge of the sand. Once upon a time there was a small village whose inhabitants were engaged in fishing. Years passed, and in place of dilapidated shacks rose luxurious villas, first-class hotels, fabulous restaurants and plenty of shops that sell various pretty trinkets.

Before these changes brought the exotic beauty of the coast of the island. Virgin nature, warm calm water – nothing here disturbs the peace of resting. If you exhaust the warm sun, you can shelter in the shade of spreading trees growing on the banks. But the main highlight of this beach is the dazzling beauty of the event.

The beach of FLIC-EN-FLAC

The beach of FLIC-EN-FLAC

This place is perfectly suited for diving — you can dive near the shore, and in General, the slope is flat enough. The hallmark of this fantastically beautiful beach is wide, with a length of about two kilometers, spit sand white. In the emerald waters you can admire the exotic marine life and beautiful coral thickets. Here, excellent infrastructure and surrounded by wild nature are in keeping with current trends the restaurants and cafes.

The Maldives, beach of the island Sun

The Maldives

Perhaps the title of the most beautiful beaches in the Indian ocean can give this coast. There are no budget hotels, cheapest four – star. This is a real luxury. The coral thickets are fraught with colorful tropical fish – the best place for lovers of underwater photography to find.

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