The most beautiful aquarium fish

Graceful bright aquarium inhabitants attract attention with its measured action in the water. Today we offer you to admire the most beautiful aquarium fish.

Royal zentropy


This fish has a bright elegant color of her torso and fins are painted red, the sides are brown or black streaks, and the edges of the dorsal fin is framed by a bright blue border. They usually grow no more than 7 cm but there are particularly large specimens that reach the size of 10 cm.. Good feel in captivity – for a comfortable life beautiful fish requires an aquarium with a capacity of 100 liters, a large number of comfortable places and live rock. The optimum temperature should be maintained at around 24-25 degrees. Not love relatives, get along well with the inhabitants of the reef aquarium. You should feed them a «salad» of finely chopped clams and algae. Like to eat algae that grow on stones and walls of the aquarium.

Angel larkworthy embellished

angel larkworthy

A distinctive feature of the fish has an elongated body, has a lyre-shaped tail. Young individuals and females have more contrasting color – scales on the belly are cast in purple, and in the upper part of the Gill towards the dorsal fin and continuing throughout the body stripe is dark brown or black . Males inherent silvery-gray in color, and the body held horizontal orange stripes. This fish grows up to 18 cm and it gets along with its neighbors. For this beautiful fish required 300-litre aquarium and a variety of reef shelters.

Royal angel fish


A number of yellow, white and blue bands decorate the body of this fish. The rear part of the dorsal fin is decorated with a beautiful pattern. In order for angelfish feel comfortable, she needs: large space, 570 liters of pure, no nitrates water, a large number of shelters, good food, long, 180 cm, panoramic glass. Can grow up to 25 cm and live for 16 years in the home aquarium. If you placed it in your reef tank, be careful –your shellfish, zoanthus and other corals can be bitten.

Radiata lionfish

promenite krilatka

This is a typical representative of many tropical seas belongs to the scorpionfish family. Has two horizontal white stripes on the tail. On the body there are individual spikes, injections which are very painful. Can grow up to 24 cm the house coral reefs. Diet consists of bony fishes and invertebrates.

Moorish idol

Moorish idol

To take possession of this beautiful aquarium fish is a dream for many aquarists. The fish have an elongated body, accented with contrast stripes – black on white-yellow background. Something similar to a fish surgeon. The complexity of its content in the aquarium is that it is extremely difficult to be fattened up – a shortage of useful components can lead to the slow death of the pet. So to feed the idol, it is recommended several times a day – melkorublenym squid, meat of marine fish, spirulina, algae. Get along with surgeons, gobies, pomacentridae. The minimum length of the aquarium should be at least five feet.

Triggerfish Picasso rectangular

Picasso rectangular

This fish thinks she’s a dog, will appeal to lovers of contemporary art. Able to eat out of hand and is relatively quiet. With age becomes militant – so that neighbors pick individuals who are not inferior to the fish in size, and is 30 cm is Able to bite the tube heated, to rearrange themselves under decor. The minimum capacity of your aquarium should be 210 litres.

Wrasse sistemology


The wrasses are solitary life – the day they are active, and at night burrows in the sand and hide in crevices. For a comfortable stay in captivity required reef aquarium volume of about 170 liters. Will benefit your aquarium – you will no longer be planaria and gastropods. If the fish is not fed and it is in a state of hunger, can act aggressively towards peaceful wrasses and other fish Legkostupova.



Nothobranchius — this is the only aquarium fish can be ordered by mail in the form of » dry calf. In nature, these creatures live in pools of the African deserts. You know, the water there napryazhenka, it rains rarely and small pools dry up periodically. During its existence, a certain time of life mini-water bodies, Nothobranchius time to go through their entire life cycle to hatch, grow, spawn and die. Caviar of these fishes are protected from drying out, so quietly waiting for the next season and again your way. In the aquarium this beautiful fish can live for a year.



Quiet and relaxing fish can grow up to 15 cm. she has a round flat body and a bright unusual color that changes depending on the state of the fish. Are caring parents and form a couple. For the life in captivity of this pack of fish require a spacious aquarium with very warm water – 28-35 degrees. However, hardy fish, and is easily adaptable to the conditions, as long as they were permanent. Fish like intense lighting, so it must be complete.



This beautiful aquarium fish occupying the bottom layer of the water column. Botia very active, not like loneliness is the best option content of not more than six pieces. Due to the peaceful disposition get along good with other types of fish. They love hiding in the form of driftwood and rocky caves. This pupil is one of the Minks and since then considers it home – don’t forget that when you change the decorations in the aquarium. Are nocturnal – so they need to feed in the evening.

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