The most beautiful and expensive wedding

Clearly, every girl wants to be the most charming and beautiful bride in the world. To prepare for the wedding now take even months or years. While for the decoration of the ceremony flowers will grow anywhere in the Netherlands until sew a dress from a famous fashion designer. It is important to follow every detail and not miss anything, so you do not regret, remembering how the tone of the tablecloth didn’t match the tone of the tissues.

The most desirable and expensive wedding play celebrities: actors, singers, athletes. But for them, this wedding it’s time to prepare for the wedding when you are watching for the millions of cameras and eyes, Oh so easy. In Hollywood there is even a ranking of the most expensive and beautiful weddings.

One of the most wonderful and beautiful weddings in the world was the actress Liz Hurley and businessman Arun from India the Nayar. Celebrated the wedding in two places: in India, the home of the groom and in the UK, the home of the bride. In England, the wedding celebration held in a beautiful castle. And in India, observing all the traditions, the wedding was celebrated as much as 6 days. However, such a beautiful ceremony did not protect a couple from the breakup. Actress and entrepreneur broke up.

Another notable wedding of all time was played in Philadelphia. Married actors Ashton Kutcher and demi Moore . The feast was really gorgeous, it went all the secular elite of Hollywood. And honeymoon the couple spent in Barcelona.

From 1956 to the present days charming bride in the world think of grace Kelly. In 1956, the famous actress became the wife of Prince of Monaco. Her dress was deemed the most beautiful, it still remains in first place among the best dresses in the world. Classical aristocratic dress: elegant cut, pearl jewelry, puffy skirt. Grace looked like a Princess, she was. Many brides ladies later tried to copy the famous dress grace.

Princess Diana not giving way to any beauty of the world. Her wedding with Prince Charles I remember very well until now. Diane was wearing elegant Quinceanera dresses with lots of petticoats and a veil fixed on a tiara with diamonds.

A follower of Diana Kate Middleton got married in a dress, the length of the train which was 2.7 meters. Kate chose fashion house Alexander McQueen for the most important day in her life. Kate’s dress is considered an icon and copied by many brides in the world.

And that would not dictate fashion, the most beautiful brides in the world recognized the girl, dressed in classic wedding dresses. Their pictures adorn postcards and magazine covers. They are icons of wedding fashion.

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