The most beautiful Actresses of the Soviet cinema

Beauty is fleeting but art is eternal, because it has a unique opportunity to preserve the memory of the people who embody the ideals of Beauty in different times. It is the films as works of cinema, leave in the memory of those who have entered the rating «the most beautiful Actresses of the Soviet cinema». It is impossible to forget the wonderful talented ladies, who will forever be the standards of femininity, perfection and superiority.

the most beautiful Actresses of the Soviet cinema

Ukrainian beauty

Elina Bystritskaya is a popular movie and theatre actress, Professor, singer, who was born in Kiev on 4 April 1928. Elina grew up in a family of intellectuals in Kiev, her parents were doctors. Therefore, in addition to beauty in this actress feels kind of special «blue blood» and Regal restraint.

After studying at the Kiev Institute of theatrical art named after Ivan Karpovich Karpenko-Kary in 1953, the actress played in the theaters Vilnius and Moscow, in 1950 began to take part in the filming.

Elina Bystritskaya in his youth

Elina Bystritskaya played the role of Aksinya in the famous film «the Quiet don», which appeared on the screen in 1957-1958, the role of Leli in the movie «Volunteers» of 1958 and other masterpieces of the Soviet cinema.

The artist is engaged in public activity. The actress, over which not imperiously time, the main key of beauty considers the lack of in life, bad thoughts, lies, she never allows herself to evil deeds.

actress Elina Bystritskaya

Margarita Terekhova

Margarita Terekhova – Director, the talented actress who was born in the city of Izhevsk in a family of actors on August 25 1942. After graduating from the theater-Studio of Yuri Zavadsky in 1964, she has long worked as an actress in the Theater. City Council, which has played an interesting role, among them: Cleopatra in the play «Caesar and Cleopatra» by Bernard Shaw (1964), Sonia in the play «Crime and punishment» by Dostoevsky’s novel (1971) and others.

Margarita Terekhova

The most famous actress brought the role of the Countess Diana de belflor and the treacherous Milady in costumed musicals «dog in the manger» and «d’artagnan and three Musketeers», which was filmed in 1977-1978 gg

Despite the strong and principled character actress, her charming beauty did not leave Directors other chance, except how to work with it. In some scenes, the Directors were sure that the actress was in the shot very natural. Margarita is rightfully included in the list of the most beautiful Actresses of the Soviet cinema.

Margarita Terekhova is a Soviet actress

Galina Belyaeva

Galina Belyaeva is a popular actress who was born in Irkutsk on 26 April 1961 She graduated from the Voronezh ballet school in 1979 and the Theatre school named after BV Shchukin in 1983 by class of acting.

Galina Belyaeva in his youth

Fame came to the actress after performing the role of the daughter of the Forester of Olga Skvortsova in the feature film «My sweet and tender beast», released in 1978, and the famous Russian ballerina in multiserial film «Anna Pavlova». 1983. G. Belyaev has become the leading actress of the Moscow academic theater. Vladimir Mayakovsky in 1983.

A famous actress finds limitless joy in his family. Family happiness for her — the source of tenderness, joy, strength and youth.

actress Galina Belyaeva

Anna Samokhina

Anna Samokhina successful and talented actress, entrepreneur, television presenter and singer who was born in the town of Gur on 14 January 1963

Actress graduated from drama school in Yaroslavl, in 1982. Among the rich filmography of Anna Samokhina very successful for her was one of her first works – the main role in the film «Prisoner of If castle», filmed in 1988 at the work of Alexandre Dumas «the Count of Monte Cristo». After this success, she received the lead role in the film «Thieves», released in 1988

Anna Samokhina

Anna Samokhina was a very talented actress, she has played many memorable and colorful roles. Many admired its amazing beauty, with his presence she could decorate any movie.

Anna Samokhina died of a serious illness in St. Petersburg on 8 February 2010, but will remain forever in the memory of his audience, as a beautiful and talented actress.

The most beautiful Actresses of the Soviet cinema — dynasty Vertinsky

Anastasia Vertinskaya – the famous actress who was born in Moscow on 19 December 1944 in a creative family. Her father is a famous artist songs Alexander Vertinsky.

Actress Anastasia Vertinskaya was very highly appreciated by specialists after the release in 1961 of movies with her participation «Scarlet sails» and «Man-amphibian», the main role which has glorified it for the whole Soviet Union. For the role gutiere profession obsessed with the young actress with the sky in the eyes swam in deep cold water, refusing doubles.

Anastasia Vertinskaya

In 1964 to Anastasia Vertinskaya came another success after the role of Ophelia in «hamlet,» which brought her enormous international fame.

In 1967, the actress graduated from drama school im. . Shchukin, played mainly in theaters, Sovremennik and MKHAT. Back in the movie, played Margarita in «the Master and Margarita», published in 2011.

Sophisticated, intelligent, perfect, unearthly beauty Anastasia Vertinskaya, her grace is mesmerizing and poetic mystery created her reputation as one of the most beautiful Actresses of the Soviet Union.

actress Anastasia Vertinskaya

Irina Alferova

Irina Alferova – wonderful film and theater actress who was born in Novosibirsk in a family of attorneys March 13, 1951, In 1972 he graduated from the GITIS. As a student, Irina played the role of Dasha in the film adaptation of «ordeal», which according to experts is still considered one of the best of her works.

Irina Alferova

Next iconic role in the movie, which was a great success was the role of Constance in the musical TV movie about d’artagnan and the three mushketerov. The most beautiful Actresses of the Soviet cinema made this film one of the most favorite among the audience.

actress Irina Alferov

From 1976 to the present, Irina is working in Lenkom, but according to the actress, «School of modern play» — the main place of work, where she is one of the leading Actresses. Of course, angelic Irina Alferova, her stunning external and internal beauty unsurpassed embody the symbol of sublime femininity on the silver screen and the stage.

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