The most affectionate cat breeds in the world — rating

The appearance of cats in any home is considered a sign of success. Any cat refers to a certain breed, which many centuries laid special character, temperament and manner of interaction with humans and their own kind. The most affectionate cat breed is gentle and loyal friends who become favorites for the whole family. Of course, do not forget about that little kitten needs a lot of your attention and love.

The most affectionate cat breeds

The Siberian cat breed

The Siberian cat is considered to be a rather big rock. The weight of an adult is 18 kg., These cats are well versed in people, and prefer to choose your own host. If you have small children, you should teach them how to feed and care for a small kitten. Then, your child and kitten will be the most loyal friends.

The Siberian cat breed

However, there is one drawback in this breed is a very complex process. Due to the fact that their fur is very long and very thick, it is often necessary to comb out with the special combs. This is to ensure that cats do not have the mats. A pet should feel the care and love the owner, and then he will answer you in return.

Breed Maine Coon

People breed Maine Coon called cat-dogs. Why? To answer this question consider their main quality. They are very smart and clever, easily find common language with their masters and brought them to the end of life. These representatives of the rating «the most affectionate breeds of cats» perfectly amenable to education and training. Their obedience was the reason for such an unusual name.

Maine Coon

The appearance of an adult Maine Coon can seem like a formidable size, these cats are quite large. But, despite all this, they are very affectionate animals that take root in almost any home. Bringing home a pet is a pleasure. After all any dog needs to go outside, and with a Maine Coon that can and can not do.

Cat breed Maine Coon

Breed The Manx

Representatives of this breed have an incredible charm. I wish to be always in the center of all the events that happen. Very quickly acclimatized to the new environment, as well as immediately adjust to the nature of their new master. If you have children, and they will not hurt the pet, the cat takes up a significant portion of time to spend with them in their room. And some of them can even play together with the guys.

Cat breed the Manx

They always wish to eat properly, but the diet is not fastidious, and eat almost everything. This breed of cat and no tail. It should be noted that this is a plus, particularly for the cat itself. Even the smallest child will carry four-legged friend for an apartment and you don’t step on him inadvertently.

Cat of the Burmese breed

The ranking of the most affectionate cats continue real lady. By nature, the representatives of the Burmese breed is very calm and almost impossible to ruffle. During the game she is smart and spirited, but if you want to take it on hands, it will immediately turn into a sweet and affectionate pet.

Cat of the Burmese breed

This species belongs to a very obedient and docile. They will not misbehave or go against the will of his master, demonstrating independence of character. If you are busy with something, your pet will stick with his affection. But only the cat will notice that the owner for a minute came off, she instantly sits down on his knees, waiting for their portion of petting.

Breed Guy

In the translation of this breed means «doll». And really it fits cats breed Guy. It should only be in the hands of man, as their body becomes soft and possible to do with them whatever he wants. This breed has a very high tender, they are patient and very gentle towards its owners.

The cat Guy

But this breed is one physiological feature, you have to be aware to the owner. In no case can not throw on the floor even from a small height, as they are not able to join during the flight. This can lead to various injuries. Also be wary of and open Windows so the cat won’t accidentally fall down.

Siamese cat

It’s the kindest cat in the world that has earned the respect of many people. They are very kind and gentle creatures, but also vindictive, and unable even to do the nasty in retaliation for a bad attitude. They are very very attached to one of the members of the family and as the owner does not perceive more than any family member. The Siamese is very smart, and if you have a lot of patience, you can try to teach your pet a variety of circus tricks.

Siamese cat

The Burmese

This species occupies one of the first places in the list of «the most affectionate breeds of cats» – they are extremely sociable. For them it is very important to them as often as you can has paid attention and time. If you most of the day spend at work, then this breed is not for you. Without his master, the cat just starts to fall into depression.

Cat of the Burmese breed

They could be bought in pairs, so one cat is never bored. They like to talk with his master, during such communication, cats make very interesting sounds.

The Russian blue cat

If you want to buy for himself a companion, the Russian blue cat is perfect for this. She will look after you both day and night. To take part in family life. But in spite of this, this cat does not like that it often took to his knees and stroked. Be wary of strangers, but if she saw you «his» person, it will serve faithfully for the rest of your life.

The Russian blue cat


This breed is perhaps the leader of the ranking of the most affectionate breeds of cats. This is understandable, because due to the fact that sphinxes are hairless, they are trying to heat man. They are very loving, not afraid of anyone, and very quickly find a common language with any person, especially those who will play with him. Get along well with young children and become their favorites.

Cat of breed the Sphinx

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