The most active metal

Accurately answer the question, what is the most active metal, it is almost impossible. All due to the fact that scientists have different points of view on this issue. Some recognize the most active cesium. Others argue that the definition could be lithium, and still others claim that the most active is considered to be Frances. Why so many different opinions and what is the reason? But in considering this question, taking into account all the nuances, it is possible to find a clear answer, what kind of metal can be considered the most active.


The most active metal is cesium

If we consider just the active element, the leader among these is the cesium. It is known that in the periodic table such as activity tends to increase in the direction from right to left and top to bottom. Are in the right group of elements on the external layer is 1 electron, from which atom loses quite simple. If electrons were 2 (as in the substances of the second group), then the separation of the electrons would occupy even more time (and so on). However, in the first group of elements are in the level of activity is not the same. What the bottom line is the substance, the farther away from the nucleus electron revolves, and, therefore, to break away from the nucleus it is easier. According to the given conditions is fully consistent with this metal is cesium. That is why it can be attributed to the most active.

Cesium is used in many branches of industry and science

Cesium opened by spectral analysis (1860.). Over the bright blue strip on the metal spectroscope is called the «caesium» («sky blue» in Latin). The metal has the highest chemical activity, instantly oxidized in the air, washara at the same time, and reacts with water with the formation of the explosion. Due to its properties of cesium are used in many branches of industry and science. However, the use it very selectively since the metal is expensive due to the costs of its production.


The electrochemically active metal is lithium

When making refinements and consideration of the most electrochemically active element becomes obvious that a leading position in terms of activity is lithium. The name of this item is translated as «stone» – this is due to the fact that it was discovered in petalite (mineral). A metal having a silver color, sinking in water, but kept steadily on the surface of the kerosene. For the electrochemical activity of this element is superior to other alkaline elements, displacing other metals in chemical reactions. This is the main feature of lithium is crucial for its other characteristics.

Lithium in small amounts is necessary for normal functioning of the human body

Lithium is a very important element for the normal functioning of the human body, but it is necessary in small doses. With increased concentration of lithium in the human body may occur poisoning, reduced its contents can lead to mental instability of the person. Some drinks even lithium was positioned as a great remedy for hangover. Perhaps it makes sense, and the lithium really helps with discomfort after consuming alcoholic beverages, but to consume it in high doses is not recommended due to the above reasons.


Active metal France

France and can confidently claim the title of most active element. While it is similar in its characteristics with cesium. Therefore, these two metals may compete for the title of most active. In nature, Frances is contained in limited amounts. Even a long time could not find this item, despite the fact that he had been provided, and its properties are well described. Because of the high radioactivity in France is unstable.

In ancient times the French alchemists had a great desire to obtain gold from other elements. However, it was discovered another option – the gold is great for separating it from the France. However, this method to France in large quantities is very difficult. Consequently, this metal is one of the most active, largely superior to the most active nonmetal, which is the fluoride.

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