The most absurd laws in the world

We’ve learned that laws must be correct and valid, but as it turned out, in the world a lot of strange and even foolish decisions. They are so striking in their absurdity that it is difficult to believe in their real existence. However, they still exist. In this article we tried to collect the most absurd laws in the world.


The Laws Of Denmark

The driver is prohibited to start the car without checking the device to stop movement of the vehicle, a sound signal, a directional light source and management. In addition, you should monitor, for car kids.

If moving beside the car, causing consternation among the horses, what goes in the cart, the driver is obliged to pull off of the road and stop the car. If the horse has not calmed down, by law, the driver is obliged to cover the car.

Escape from a penal institution is not an offense, if the fugitive was caught, he is obliged to see out his term.

The car can start and continue only with the included headlights. So people distinguish between moving and stationary vehicles.


The Laws Of England

Every Englishman upon reaching 14 years of age, must learn to shoot a bow. Practice is carried out for 2 hours a week, manages her priest.

A male is allowed to urinate in accessible places, if the selected rear wheel of the vehicle. However, there is one condition: the right hand should be on the car.

In certain cities of England there is your stupid laws. In Chester, for example, allowed to borrow representative of the Celtic people of bow, once he is in the city after 12 midnight. Another decree with regard to the Welsh issued at Hereford. He said if the Welsh Sunday are adjacent to the Cathedral site, then they are allowed to shoot from a bow. London the law says that every Hackney-coach should be a bale of hay, in a pinch, a bag of oats.


Perhaps the most stupid laws in France are the following: in the vineyards located within the country, prohibited the landing and Parking of flying saucers; the owners of the pigs can not call them «Napoleon».


Law China

If you see a drowning man, you don’t have to save him. To intervene in the fate of another person is impermissible.

Students are allowed to attend College classes, only in the case if he’s smart.


The Laws Of India

The Indian act States: the kilogram of grain should not contain more than 5 rat hairs or droppings of this rodent.


In the city of Kiryat Motzkin at the weekend it is impossible to speak loudly in addition, it is unacceptable to include the bright light.

The Republic Of Korea

Every officer of the public service the field of road traffic needs to report a bribe, which he gave to the driver.


For chewing gum thrown in the wrong place, according to the law, a penalty of $ 600. If cash is you do not appear, the police have the right to put you in jail.

If you stepped on a coin or note of the official monetary unit of the country you committed the offense.


Each prisoner after he has served his sentence is a loaded gun and a good horse to leave the city.


Law, Canada

If the value of a thing no more than 50 cents for it, you can pay coins for pennies.


Law Quebec

Every sign must be written in French. If the owner of the company wants the inscription was in English, in this case, the height of the letters shall be 2 times less. The use of labels in other languages not provided by law.


A housewife has no right to break more than three dishes per day. The other dishes, this law does not apply.


Elk don’t have to mate on city streets.

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