The most absurd death. The Darwin awards top 5

Natural selection according to Charles Darwin is when the children smarter than their parents. But the naturalist in his theory paid much attention to such thing as a dead-end branch of evolution. Humorous award, established in 90-ies of the Americans, for the most absurd of death and the top 5 in our article tells about people who are just «brilliant,» took her own life.

To get it not so easy – she provided those who lack of intelligence has proven that he has the right to life, or at least to procreate, and thereby improve the human gene pool. This person must be over 16 years old, will be deprived of life or offspring no earlier than a year ago and commit the act on which with pleasure will laugh at even a 5 year old child.

Fifth place – without any effort

One man died, quite easily place in the top 5 «most absurd death.» When found, the body had no signs of external influence, but with an incredibly large dose of methane in the body. The fact that he ate only beans with cabbage, and when a fat man fell asleep in a small and hermetically sealed room, it’s incredibly poisonous bunch of his «exhaust» was the reason for this horrible death. Of rescue teams, cracking the door, one even ended up in the hospital, and three just threw up.

Pjatoe place

Fourth place – well, very funny joke…

Three residents of Brazil flying on a small private plane, yet they never came up with a brilliant idea to show the window flying passengers of another aircraft your Nude fifth point. They both pulled down his pants to his ankles, completely forgetting about the wheel controls. Probably, the effect of the spectacle was wonderful, however, to enjoy the triumph of the young people had a very short time – the wreckage of the plane has been found three bodies, and back to wear pants is not managed by anybody.

Fourth place

Third place – a good idea

In the town of Renton (Seattle) 33-year-old man tried to commit a robbery of the gun store. To do this, first he was a gun past a parked car with a police officer inside, who went immediately behind the suspect. And another officer sat inside and drank coffee. It should be noted that in this state the right to carry and use weapons are all adult inhabitants and, probably, in a specialty store they, too, were abound.

So when he pulled a gun on the seller with the words «robbery», and in an instant the poor fellow was shot with two shots at close range and who knows what else they pulled out guns, but did not pull the trigger.

The third-place

Second place for creativity

A resident of Costa Rica, returning with a picnic lunch, stopped at the bridge over the river, as it was visited by a brilliant idea for jumping over the pond teeming with crocodiles. To this end, he tied my legs, and the second end of the rope attached to the bumper of the car. Hanging over the river upside down, he felt the adrenaline level in the blood is insufficient and asked the family to arrange from it a kind of «yo-yo», standing and driving up by car to the edge of the bridge.

It is easy to guess that soon the rope is frayed and our fool did not have the slightest chance to swim with bound feet. However, alligators are so crazy from this, allowing the body to be caught a few days downstream.

Second place

First place for persistence in achieving goals

A resident of Los Angeles put a lot of effort to become the winner of «the most ridiculous death.» First, he decided to repair the roof of the house, and for insurance, one end wrapped around the waist, and the other was tied to the bumper of his car. But his wife, he forgot to report it, and it just in this moment decided to go to the store shopping. It first dropped from a height, and then a long dragged on the asphalt, until someone noticed the poor man. But men, ironically, have saved.

After the master returns from the hospital his wife (once again proving that the husband and wife-one of Satan) ran the lighter over the bowl, spilled a certain number of flammable liquid inside and didn’t flush. Then went to the toilet her little husband, sat down on the porcelain friend, lit a cigarette and threw the match in you know where. His burns were incompatible with life.

The first-the place

As expressed by Einstein: «There are two infinite – human stupidity and the universe. And in infinity second I’m less sure…». The Darwin award is the most absurd death, and video of some of mahakosala the follies, original and exist in a single copy, you can additionally look on the Internet.

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