The Ministry of Finance proposed to compensate for the lost Bank deposits Soviet citizens

The Ministry of Finance proposed-kompensirovat-utrachennyie banking vkladyi-sovetskih citizens

According to the draft budget for 2017-2019 years from the Federal Treasury, it is planned to transfer funds to the payment of compensation for pre-reform Soviet citizens ‘ deposits in Sberbank and insurance premiums in «Rosgosstrakh».

The draft budget refers to the compensation of contributions made before 1991 — the moment of «freezing» funds in the accounts of the depositors. After that, in the course of confiscatory monetary reform in 1991 and 1993 and the denomination in 1998 a large part of the savings of Soviet citizens «disappeared» — people either could not get their money back, or they depreciated to ridiculous sizes.

Citizens 1946-1991 year of birth can count on doubling the rest of the Deposit. The citizens born before 1945, or their heirs, is scheduled to give a compensation amounting to a threefold increase in balances on Deposit.

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