The men’s rating of films is expected in February 2015

Filmmakers are constantly pleasing us with new pictures. Among them there are real men movies, which look forward to the stronger sex. A large proportion of novelties at the beginning of the year. The proposed ranking male movies, expected in February 2015.

1. Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending

The first place is action, production of America. «Jupiter ascending» is expected in cinemas from February 5. It is noteworthy that this picture is a creation of the couple. Its Directors were the spouses Wachowski.

The plot offer creators a real man? The main heroine of the film will make an ordinary girl Jupiter Jones, is a modest office cleaners. Its strangely drawn to the stars. She was born at night under a cloudless sky, so her dream of the heavenly bodies. Destiny is such that it comes close to the desired one, and is gradually removed.

The key point of the picture is the emergence of the hunter Kane. He explains to her why she was born, and talks about her appointment. From that moment, the Jupiter ascending, which is full of surprises and dangers.

2. Kingsman: the Secret service

Kingsman: the Secret service

According to the poll in the rating of men of films, expected in February 2015, this painting also holds the leading position. In the second place we put only because it comes out later pictures of Jupiter. To see her on the screens of the cinema audience will be able from February 12.

In the West the picture was released last year. Fans of male movie rated it 8 points. Belongs to cortinariaceae Matthew Vaughn. Her story will not only hold the audience in suspense, but will give you funny moments. The film will be about a secret organization. One of the agents instructed before retirement to prepare a worthy replacement. It is replaced by a talented guy, and then begin to develop exciting events.

3. Mordecai


On screens the picture leaves on February 19. This creation belongs to Director David Cap. The main role is a crook and art businessman. Its tasks include the search pattern. Its value lies not in the high cost, it is a cipher that leads to Nazi gold. On the way, Mordecai is confronted with the intelligence services of three countries. Aggravating circumstances adorn the picture. Along the way, the author shows that in Meridka all the time, even in the joy with my wife.

4. Focus


See the picture in Russia from February 26, in the West it will be shown a day early. A genre film – crime drama. It is the brainchild of Glenn Ficara and John Requa. The main role we will see the swindler with the experience. On his way meets a young girl who is only at the beginning of a fraudulent career. She’s just learning ways of taking cash. In the process of training a couple of crooks closer, between them there are warm feelings. But soon the heroes realize that romance that hinder quality work. What you decide to do this unusual pair?

5. Fifty shades of grey

Fifty shades of grey

In the last place the fans put the film directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson. The plot the story of two students. One of them is quiet and unassuming – Anastasia and her friend Kate – fighting and active. Neighbor Anastacia sick and asks her to arrange an interview with a local billionaire. The meeting is specified, and the girl loses all hope to fulfill the request of a friend. One day she will see him at the door of the shop where you work. Their meetings become regular, in which she learns about his passion.

The men’s rating of films is expected in February 2015, based on the information portal Kinopoisk.

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