The longest tunnel in the world

Tunnels represent a real miracle of architecture, which originates from ancient times. As a rule, the early people used the underground tunnels to shelter from enemies and secret passages from one place to another. To date, tunnels erected in absolutely other purposes – they reduce the route of the train or car, and also connect different countries. And there are underground constructions which have considerable sizes. So what are the world’s longest tunnels, and where are they located?

Railway tunnel Seikan

Japanese tunnel Seikan

This tunnel, located in Japan and connects the Islands of Honshu and Hokkaido, is the longest in the world – in extent it is equal 53900 meters. It’s hard to imagine how long it takes to make a foot journey from the beginning to the end of the tunnel Seikan. And the longest, it is not only rail, but also among the underwater tunnels. His work the world’s longest tunnel began in 1988. Its construction has been spent about $ 3600000000.

In our time this tunnel is intended not as often as before. The reason for the great popularity of the airlines that still allow people to save time and money. But we can confidently say that the construction of this building led to the fact that Japan and present a strong and United country. It should be noted that Seiken is the longest in the world until, while in operation do not run the Gotthard road tunnel, the construction of which is in Switzerland.

The Gotthard rail tunnel

The Gotthard tunnel

This facility will be the the longest tunnel in the world, since its length will be 57000 meters. The construction of this building is for 14 years and it is planned that trains will start moving from 2017. The laying was carried out under the mountain pass of Saint Gotthard, where, in fact, gave the name of the tunnel. It’s primary purpose is message through the Alps by rail transport.

The Gotthard tunnel is designed to train on it moved in the opposite direction. It is assumed that the movement of high-speed trains through the tunnel will take place at a speed of 250 km/h and freight trains will move at a speed not less than 160 km/h. In the meantime, this tunnel is still only preparing to become the longest in the world, consider the other tunnels that are striking in their length.

The Eurotunnel

The Eurotunnel

The length of this tunnel beneath the English channel and connects great Britain (Folkestone) and France (Calais) is 50500 meters. Its construction was started in the far 1802, but was stopped due to the political situation and hesitation on the British side. But in 1988 the building was reopened, in 1994, a rail tunnel began to operate. The tunnel moves the world’s largest train which carries cars and is called «Eurotunnel Shuttle».

Despite the fact that the Eurotunnel is inferior to the longest tunnel in the world Seikan in the total length, it has a much larger underwater area – approximately 39000 metres, which is 14700 meters longer than the underwater plot of Sakana. The Eurotunnel though has a special role in creating the message Britain and the continent, but from an economic point of view is considered disadvantageous.

Mountain Tunnel The Lötschberg

Swiss lötschberg tunnel

Is the longest land tunnel, which, compared to other similar facilities is quite young, because it was built in 2006 and used was in 2007. Its construction took only two years and it’s all thanks to innovative technologies were used.

The Swiss tunnel has a length of 34700 metres. The film describes the movement of trains both passenger and freight. This tunnel allows tourists the shortest way to get to Welsh spas – way weekly these resorts are visited by more than 20,000 residents of Switzerland.

Car the Laerdal tunnel

The Laerdal tunnel

This tunnel, located in Norway, is the longest among the car. Its length is equal to 24,500 meters. Developed the tunnel to modern standards. It consists of four parts, each of which is illuminated in a special way- has the effect of natural light (if on the street the dawn in the tunnel, too, will follow the morning light, and if the West, here the lighting, like the twilight light). The positive aspect is also that to pay for the tunnel is not necessary – it is completely free.

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