The longest tongue in the world

Every person on the planet individual. Some have unique capabilities that allows them to stand out from the crowd. So, for example, someone might hand to hammer a nail, someone at a time will eat a hundred burgers, and someone fate has awarded the longest tongue in the world. Unique people can be seen in various shows and competitions, in addition mind-boggling human achievement listed in the Guinness Book of records.

The longest tongue in the world – one of the categories of this collection of world records. On average, the human tongue reaches 5 cm, but in the world were the owners of more than a long tongue. For example, Stephen Taylor the length of the tongue reaches 9.8 cm Measuring this unpaired outgrowth of the floor of the mouth is taken into account only the external part. Recorded record back in 2006-m year, but in the world book of records, he appeared after three years.

Steven Taylor

The man effortlessly pulls the tongue to the chin to put him in the nostrils. Slightly inferior in the record a resident of America – Nick Afanasiev. His tongue is only 9 mm less than the gold medalist. The famous guy was after his video where he demonstrates his unusual language, looked more than a million people.

Nick Afanasiev

As for the representatives of the «weaker» sex, the longest tongue in the world Chanel tapper. Nature has endowed the language with a length of 9.75 cm for the First time a student at the University of California noticed that she has an extremely long tongue in 8 years. This was clearly seen in the pictures where Chanel and her mother cringe faces on all known holiday – Halloween. The photographs clearly shows that the girl talking to 2 times longer than my mother’s.

After a while, and classmates Tepper began to notice her unusual language. At school she has even gained some popularity, because only she was able to get the language to the nose. Chanel did not fix the length of his tongue in the Guinness Book of records. But once she finally did it. After you have conducted the necessary measurements, she was awarded the title of «the longest tongue in the world» in the female sex.

Chanel Tepper

If Tepper will completely pull out language from a mouth, it will go down below the selection. She understands that many of her language is disgusting, but to her it doesn’t seem so bad. Once Chanel was in the Guinness Book of records, she never forgot about its own unique language.

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