The longest suspension bridge in the world

Modern architecture is capable of striking not only for its beauty, but with grandeur of conception. A special place in her hold suspension bridges. These designs provide a connection in remote places, and can extend for several kilometers. The longest suspension bridge in the world located between the Japanese Islands of Honshu and Awaji. It passes through the Akashi Strait.

the longest suspension bridge in the world

The Akashi — Kaikyo bridge – the longest suspension bridge on the planet

The connection between the Japanese Islands of Honshu and Awaji was quite problematic. Until 1998, the communication between the Islands was provided by ferries. But due to frequent storms, storms, and powerful currents crossing the ferries presented a serious danger and often led to casualties. The most serious accident here occurred in 1955: at the bottom of the Strait were two ferries, and the number of victims was estimated in hundreds. To make the connection between the Islands safe, it was decided to begin construction of a huge suspension bridge.

The Akashi - Kaikyo Bridge

The construction of Akashi-Kaikyo started in 1988 and ended ten years later. First, you need to build huge piers, which were located on the bottom of the Strait. This project has created a type of concrete which does not dissolve in water at the time of casting. A short delay in the construction of the bridge occurred because of the earthquake that occurred in 1995. But after a month break, work resumed.

Today a suspension bridge allows to cross the Strait in safety. It is designed to withstand strong storms and earthquakes, to withstand currents and storms. The design is striking for its dimensions:

  • full length of the Akashi-Kaikyo – 3911 m;
  • pylons towering above the surface to 298 m;
  • the length of the main span of 1991;
  • the length used in construction of the cables is 200 km.

Bridge Sihomani

The second longest suspension bridge in China. Its construction in the Zhoushan archipelago was initiated by the province of Zhejiang. After you create the project in 2004 began the construction of the structure. After 5 years of hard work the bridge was commissioned. Its total length is 2600 meters and the main span of 1,650 m. The pylons holding the bridge, towering above the surface to 233 m. Each of them sets out 12 piles, whose diameter is 2.8 m.


Today, thanks to the bridge Xihoumen-minute drive to get from. Szinten to. Zazzy. Speed of construction is limited: you can travel at speeds up to 80 km/h.

The Great Belt

Dimensions are striking suspension bridge the Great belt. It is located in Denmark and is a leader in length among similar structures of Europe. Great belt provides transportation services between the Islands of Funen and Zealand. The construction of the bridge started in 1988 and lasted 10 years. The total bridge length is 6 790 m and the main span – 1 624 m. the Piers located in the channel has a height of 233 m. Is of hollow construction with the walls made of reinforced concrete.

The Great Belt

The value of the Great belt it is difficult to overestimate, it not only connects the Islands of Denmark, but also significantly shortens the path from continental Europe to Scandinavia.

The Bridge Of Osman Gazi

In 2016 in Turkey completed the construction of a suspension bridge, which at length took the fourth place among similar designs. It passes over the Izmit Gulf and is a continuation of the highway connecting the largest cities of Gebze and Bursa. The total length of construction is 2 682 m and a main span of 1 550 m. Beginning of construction of the bridge dates back to 2013. Despite the complexity of the design, the builders managed to do the job in just 3 years.

The Bridge Of Osman Gazi

Cities In Lee Sun Shin

The fifth longest suspension bridge is in the Republic of Korea. It provides a connection between the cities of Yeosu and Gwangyang, located in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. Length of the whole structure is equal to 2 260 m and the main span has a length of 1 545 m. the Construction of the bridge began in 2007, and after five years the design was commissioned.

Lee Sun Shin

Bridge Gunjan

In the province of Jiangsu is China’s sixth longest suspension bridge, which passes over the Yangtze river. Thanks to the design was the connections between the major Chinese cities of Yangzhou and Zhenjiang. The construction of the structure took more than 4.5 years. The first cars drove over the bridge in 2005. Length of the whole structure is 3 566 g, and the main span – 1 490 M.


The fourth Nanjing bridge

Seventh place in the category of the longest suspension bridges on the planet is the Fourth Nanjing bridge. Its construction allowed to provide service between areas of the Chinese city of Nanjing. The main span of the structure passes over the Yangtze river and has a length of 1 418 m. the Total length of the bridge – 5 437 m. Due to the bridge, commissioned in 2012, has simplified the transportation of Nanjing.

The fourth Nanjing bridge

The Humber Bridge

One of the leading places went to the Humber Bridge. It is located in England and takes place on the Humber estuary, in whose honor was named. It provides a connection between East and North Yorkshire with Lincolnshire. The Humber bridge began operating in 1981, and over 16 years and was a leader among similar designs. Its total length is 2 220 m and the main span is 1,410 m.

the Humber bridge

The Bridge Of Sultan Selim The Terrible

In Turkey in 2016 after three years of construction, began operating the bridge, which is among the ten longest suspension bridges in the world. It passes over the Bosphorus Strait near Istanbul. Part of the design is supported with screws, and the part is kept suspended by cables. The entire length of the bridge is 2 164 g, and the main span – 1 408 M. Design holds the record for width of 58.4 m.

The Bridge Of Sultan Selim The Terrible

Bridge Canying

To ensure that the traffic between high-speed road in China’s Yangtze river was built a bridge Canying. Its construction was started in 1995 and lasted for about 4 years. The length of the bridge – 3 071 m, the main span – 1 384 m. the Base of the Central flight is a single steel plate, the weight of which exceeds 500 tons.

Mist CanyingSONY DSC

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