The longest street in the world

What streets are in different cities world – wide, narrow, with unusual names. And there is the longest street in the world. And is available in Canada. There is a large length of the street and in our country, but in this setting they can hardly compare with the canadian street, with the name «Yonge Street».

The longest in Toronto and around the world

The longest street in the world Yonge Street

Located in the Central part of Toronto Yonge Street is considered to be the longest street – length: it is 1896 km. For this it even made the pages of the Record Books and gave it the status of the longest in the world. The name of the street given in honor of sir George.Young’s (1793.). According to historical records, Yonge Street was originally an Indian trail that was repeatedly used by Europeans for their pioneering expeditions. The Governor of the city, giving the name of the street, called and clear it to make the road. Then it began to appear houses, shops, cafes, making it completely residential city street. From the mid-19th century it became the Central street of the city.

The Beginning Of Yonge Street

Numbering Yonge Street goes from the beginning of Toronto (lake Ontario). Then the street should be in the Northern part of the city and even runs a few other cities. It then turns West and stops at the border with Minnesota. And it may be noted that no other street in the world can boast of such a length.

Russian streets has considerable length

The second longitudinal highway in Volgograd

The longest street in Russia is located in Volgograd. It is called the Second longitudinal highway. The length of this street, which goes through the Volgograd equal to 50 km and makes up almost the entire length of the urban settlement. In the hero-city, there are only three such long roads – First, Second and Third, which originate from the city of Volga. Second longitudinal, the name of which is unofficial (as well as in the First and Third), goes through the city in the direction from South to North. Moreover, the First and the Second longitudinal line are all local attractions that attract tourists with their beauty. Locals jokingly say that the city is simply impossible to get lost, because it consists of three streets. But interest in Volgograd attractions, including local and long highways, not quenched, but rather attracts more and more visitors to the city.

Moscow ring road

It is also impossible not to mention the Russian MKAD – Moscow ring has a bypass line, which is easy to go Federal highway, without entering in the capital and not «collecting» her tube. The extent of MKAD makes 109 km away. a Car moving with a speed of 110 km/h, moving to five lanes in both directions. There is evidence that one fan of Motorsport was able to travel the entire length of the ring in a little less than an hour.

Ulitsa Profsoyuznaya in Moscow

The longest street in Moscow – Union. Its length is equal to 14 km. of Course, it’s not so much as the length of Yonge Street, but the figure of 14 km is very significant.

The longest street in St. Petersburg is called Coastal highway, which is located along the Gulf of Finland. The street length is 59 km

Primorskoye shosse in Saint-Petersburg

It may be noted that in 2009. in our Northern capital completed a new section of the Sofia road, and now the street equal to the length of 18 km. the Governor of the city, rejoicing in such an event, even wanted to give the street the status of «most-most», typing it on a page of the famous Book of Records. Although the meaning of 18 kilometers, when Champions are the streets and much greater length.

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