The longest snake in the world

Snakes in myths and legends plays a very ambiguous role. Rarely hear a story where friend of man was it a reptile animal, and this applies not only to tales of our country, but around the world. In addition, many snakes are associated with something evil.

In fairy tales are often met with the expression «fear has big eyes», it can be described as exaggerated fears, and imaginary things or phenomena. This fate touched and information about the size and length of the snake. You hear quite a lot about snakes, the length of which reached 30 meters, in fact, no supporting data is not fixed. In the Guinness book of records recorded only one instance – the reticulated Python with a length of 9.75 meters, which was shot in 1912 on the island of Celebes.

Reticulated Python

Another large Python was up to 7.5 meters. The female named «Samantha» was captured in Borneo and up to 2002 was in the Bronx zoo. You can meet one more information about long reticulated Python caught in 2002 in Indonesia, which States that its length reached of 14.85 m and weighs 447 kilograms. However, after careful review of the facts, was that the real length of the Python is not more than 7 meters. Such exaggerated data was planned to lure more tourists.

Typically, the length of the reticulated pythons from 4 to 8 meters. Residence – Vietnam, Burma, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and many other South Asian countries. Most often found in light forests, in tropical forests and on mountain slopes. Reticulated pythons are terrestrial way of life, however, this does not preclude them climb trees. When these rare specimens are found by day, at this time they are resting after a night of hunting. The main power of the snake — vertebrate animals (birds, little monkeys, reptiles), in some cases, may attack domestic animals: dogs, goats, pigs and sheep.

Reticulated Python

Despite the fact that pythons are not dangerous to humans, some cases of attacks on people is still wrong. Experts say that Python may attack humans only in case of self-defense.

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