The longest series

Perhaps, in the world there is such people who in their life hasn’t seen at least one episode of some soap Opera. And some captures so much life favorite actors that they are each free minute spent on watching the next series. Despite this, it is unlikely that anyone asked the question: «What is the longest series in the world of film?». Apparently, most of the meditators of the former USSR’s to say that this title deserves a daytime soap Opera called «Santa Barbara» was aired in the USA since 1984 and in 1993. However, this answer is wrong. «Santa Barbara» with its 2137 episodes were only in tenth place. Let’s find out what soap Opera was in the top three.

The longest series

«The guiding light» (15762 series) — the longest series

Leader in the number of issued series was the TV series «the Guiding light» or «Guiding light». It even brought in the Guinness Book of world records. The first series aired on radio in 1937. Irne Phillips, a former teacher, once came up with a great idea to create a series of short productions, and later she even became a sponsor of American soap operas.

In 1952 the series «the Guiding light», the story which happened in a fictional Chicago towns around the servant of a religious cult, began to appear on television. With the release of the next series of a soap Opera plot got more complicated: there are new characters and their complicated relationships. After some time the «pilot light» has become a story of six different cells of society, the relationship that intertwined a confusing way.

Guiding light

Christopher Walken, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Victor Garber, Kevin bacon, Hayden panettiere had parts in many a long picture. In 2009, in the month of April, viewers were notified of the closing of the show. 18 September of the same year, on the TV showed the last episode of a long series.

«As the world turns» (13763 regulation series)

The film, which went on working days in the American teleradiosvit CBS, is one of the towns of Illinois. The first series of 30 minutes the audience saw in 1956, April 2. Up to this point, a soap Opera came out with a duration of 15 minutes.

Half-hour episodes first occurred not to the liking of the audience, but after three years the show was at its peak. Since 1967 he started to record, and in August, the audience could enjoy the first color episodes. In early December 1975 the duration of each episode was increased to 60 minutes.

Surprisingly, for all the years of the show never varied the city in which he was held, had to move only on the set.

«One life to live» (11096 series)

The first series of the soap Opera was shown in July 1968 on channel AVS. On a picture worked, Agnes Nixon. It was the first drama in the world of Stalepromyshlennaja, besides in the story addressed the problems of racial and socio-economic nature.

One life to live

The main role of Victoria Lord was allotted Erika Slezak, for shooting in the film, the actress was awarded 6 Emmy awards. In the category «Best drama series» the film was awarded an Emmy award, a kind of analogue of «Oscar». This event occurred in 2002. For coverage of the issue of same-sex relationships the series has received the award for «GLAAD Media Awards».

In 2011, it was announced the closure of the soap Opera also announced the date of the show of the final series. In January 2013, thanks to the efforts of the Studio Prospect Park has begun work on a Sunday soap Opera and literally at the end of April in the Internet appeared the long-awaited sequel.

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