The longest ropeway in the world

The sense of height and extreme feels everyone who ever in your life rode a cable car. Beautiful views of nature, fresh air, all this gives tourists the longest ropeway in the world. Where is this miracle of engineering thought and safe is the adventure?

The longest ropeway in the world

Wings Of Tatev

The longest passenger ropeway in the world is deservedly considered the Tatev aerial tramway in Armenia, listed in the Guinness book of records in 2010. «Wings of Tatev» a truly magical stretching over the seemingly bottomless and striking in its beauty gorge of the local river Vorotan, it causes a person to forget how to breathe, because the path length is 5.7 km

The road connects two villages: Tatev monastery located near the Tatev monastery in the Medieval era, which only adds to the beauty and grandeur of this place, and Halidzor. Remarkably, to make the trip through the gorge is just 6 euros, and for local residents and is totally free.

Creel Tatev

This led to the revival of monastic life, as well as to the emergence of infrastructure in the nearby villages. For example, the project together with the construction of the cableway will be renovated Tatev monastery complex built in the village of Halidzor hotel complex in the old style. In addition, the planned revival of ancestral crafts in Tatev.

Tatev monastery complex

Crimean cableway

Passenger ropeway «Miskhor – Sosnovy Bor – AI-Petri» cannot fail to be impressed with its size and closeness to the natural world. She is one of the most popular tourist sites of the Crimea Peninsula and attracts people from all over the world.

The length of the road, which operates all year round, is 2980 m. in Less than 15 minutes to overcome a height of 1153 meters, offering scenic views of the southern part of the Crimean coast – all visible at a glance.

Crimean cableway

Another fascinating fact: between the station «AI-Petri» and «Pine forest», the distance between which is 1670 m, no supporting towers. This was the basis for inserting this cable car in the Guinness book of records as having the longest unsupported span in Europe.

Despite the difficulties in planning, in 2013 it was performed a unique replacement of a bearing rope with a new one that was ordered and manufactured taking into account all peculiarities of the region. So do not be afraid to experience the pleasure of traveling on the longest cable car in Russia, as the latest operating system will not let you a second to think about the bad consequences.

Cableway Miskhor-AI-Petri

Malaysian miracle

The prefix «most» can be attributed to the cable car in Malaysia is located in Genting, which is called Las Vegas of Malaysia. It is a city of unforgettable fun at an altitude of two thousand meters above sea level. On its territory you can find about 20 modern luxurious hotels, amusement parks and also the only legalized in the country of the casino.

But not the sloth life takes the highest cable car in the world, as its speed: the distance in 3 of 380 metres, visitors can overcome in just 11 minutes, as the speed of the cable car is 6 m/s, which is a world record.

Malaysian cable car

The view from the window surprising the European citizen – instead of the usual mountains or deciduous trees offers a view into a rich green world of the jungle, so trips are very popular among the lovers of untouched nature.

European extreme

Entering the cable car, probably every one of us feels a sense of fear and adrenaline. It’s not every day you go over the precipice, and all around you nothing but the same concern and glazed cubicle.

But the cable car to the resort of Hoch-Ybrig in Switzerland receives a special marker, like the worst and longest cable car in Europe. To drive it, one does not need to take the standard travel accessories – camera or phone and a bottle of water for rinsing constantly drying up of the throat.

Cable car in Switzerland

Passengers need only to put the helmet on and tightly fasten the seat belts. The trick lies in the fact that people are moving due to the weight of his own body. A zipline consists of a cable stretched from one platform to another at a height of 75 m. During the movement the speed of about 70-90 km/h, which gives the feeling of free fall.

Grenoble city tramway

Each of the above ropeway stretches striking beauty of the natural world. However, the same cannot be said of the following. French Grenoble is famous for its landscape – the city is surrounded by mountain ranges of the Alps: the Chartreuse, the Vercors and Belledonne mountains. On the slopes of one of these mountains and is the most famous castle not only in France but throughout the world — Bastille.

To facilitate tourists access to this attractive structure, the idea of the construction of the cable car, which became the world’s first urban suspended road. Rising up, the people will not find this expected landscape. Trees are being lost in many homes and city structures scattered across the mountain to the top.

Grenoble cable car

However, this does not detract from the merits of the Grenoble cable car, but on the contrary, makes it unique. It’s not every day a person can see how the result looks like a human hand with a bird’s eye. And at the end of the trip passengers can enjoy the medieval castle, absorbed the smell of death thousands of prisoners and at the same time was famous for the exploits of French soldiers.

Cable car

Each participant of a rating «the longest ropeway in the world» is individual and has its own benefits. If your travel is through one of these places, it is not necessary to abandon the unique opportunity to experience the terror and exhilaration of a trip on the cable car above the ground.

Journey on the cable car

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