The longest rivers of Europe

In Europe flows many rivers, which captivates not only for its beauty, but surprised by its size. They perform an important industrial role. On their shores are built entire cities, entertainment or medical facilities. The river can pass through various countries and territories, for it has no boundaries. Let’s find out what rivers are the longest in Europe.

1. Volga (3530 km length) is the longest river of Europe

River, witnessed the bloody historical events. It is on its banks there were many battles during world wars. The length of the river is about 3700 km. It is the pride of the Russian people. About her sung a lot of songs, and its beautiful shores have been written by many artists.

2. Unites the Danube (length 2960 km)

The length of the river is 2960 km, it Begins its journey from Germany, on her way to meet about 90 cities. Travelling on the Danube you can visit the capitals of several countries of the world: Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade. River flows into the Black sea.

3. The Ural river is the boundary (the length of 2428 km)

It is considered a feature that divides Europe and Asia. The length of the Urals is around 2430 km away, and the river is Impressive not only in length, but also the beauty of the coast. For migratory birds it is a temporary shelter.

4. The mighty Dnieper river (length of 2287 km)

The river that runs through 3 States: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and is the third largest in Europe. She began her journey with the Valdai hills and ends in the Black sea. Its length is 2201 km

5. Big don (1870 km)

The shores of this river saw a lot of tragic stories. Along the Danube there have been numerous battles during the middle ages and during the Second world war. Moving to the Black sea, the river merges with the river, forming the Volga-don canal.

6. The Dniester is a fish place (length 1352 km)

The river flows through the territory of Ukraine and Moldova. Its length is 1352 km, the Dniester river is rich in fish, it is stocked with trout, carp, catfish, bream, burbot, flounder and other species. River flows into the Black sea.

7. Rhine – symbol of Germany

The river flows through many European countries, among which Switzerland, France, the Netherlands. It begins its movement from the Alps. The banks of the Rhine conquered by its beauty, especially in mountainous areas.

8. Ice-Free Elbe

There is a river in Germany and the Czech Republic. She is ready for a year, to meet the ships. During the year, can freeze only for 16 days. In Hamburg working icebreakers to give the opportunity for vessels to come in any time of the year.

Long river are of interest because they flow through mountains, hills, lowlands. Traveling on them you can visit different cities or even countries.

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