The longest river

The rivers on our planet has always been of paramount importance. Around them at all times was full of life: people, animals, plants — all necessary life-giving moisture fresh water. Which of the rivers brings to all living things on the planet more «good»? Of course, long. Today this title is given to Amazon! Surprised? Details below.


Geographical corrections

Those of us who have been or not graduated from high school, certainly will suspect us of distorting the facts. After many years in geography textbooks clearly stated that the longest river on earth is the African Nile. But nature is changing. Climatic conditions and the influence of human activities are doing their job, and Neal today can not boast of record length, although its dimensions are still very impressive.

Among the factors that influenced the reduction of the length of the Nile, the most significant was the creation in 1960, the Aswan dam, which helped to form the artificial lake Nasser. In this connection, Neil has become shorter by 60 km, and today its length is 6614km. Simultaneously with these data was the information obtained about the discovery of a new source of the Amazon, called Ucayali. If you calculate the length of the Amazon, beginning with him, then its total length would be more 7000km.


Characteristic features of the «Queen of rivers»

The Indians, who chose the shores of the Amazon their home, gave her the name «Queen of rivers». And absolutely justified. In addition to the conquest of the championship in the nomination «the longest river», this waterway is considered, it is the most full-flowing river. In so doing, it actively helps 500 tributaries and prolonged tropical rains. Amazon every year fills the Atlantic ocean 643 billion liters of water, carrying them through the territories of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil. With his sleeves length Amazon will exceed 25000km.

Amazon has a history of violence, for which he was named by the conquistadors in honor of the warrior women tribe de los Amazonas, according to legend, bravely defended its territory in XVI. Its steep, steep banks do not allow travellers to get closer to her. Significant coastal area waterlogged or completely inundated. The rapid flow carries a large quantity of dangerous snags and muddy slime on the way there are whirlpools and waterfalls.


Begins the way the Amazon from the Peruvian Andes peaks covered with glaciers. In the daytime, the hot Equatorial sun melts the ice and the numerous water flow runs from the mountains into the endless jungle. Amazon with its powerful movement, forms a rather rapid course, falls waterfalls on the territory of the humid forest. After this unrestrained descent of the river calms down a bit, and poured into the Amazonian lowlands. The width of the Amazon in some places can reach 15 km, so the opposite Bank to distinguish impossible.

Starting from the foot of the Andes and then in all its territory, the Amazon is navigable. And even the vessels, designed to sail the open ocean, unable to move freely through it to the city of Manaus (the distance from it to the mouth of the river is 1690km.).

At the end of its journey, the Amazon river forms a huge estuary. This estuary is also considered the largest in the world. It is here that the flow of fresh river water collide with salty waters of the Atlantic. Another feature of the mouth of the Amazon river is the island can be reached. It is the largest island of all river Islands on the planet.


Amazon can be called a river «with character». It is indeed very difficult to conquer, although some of the brave ones did it. So in 2009, a certain Martin of Arrows from Slovenia, took a chance and overcame neither more nor less 5268 km of the Amazon river for 66 days swim. This fact was recorded in the Guinness book of records, is a vivid demonstration of human capabilities in interaction with nature.

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