The longest river of Africa

The river Nile has always been for the people of Africa the special object to be treated which is treated with honor and respect. With this, the second largest river in the world, worshipped not only the Egyptians but also the Greeks and the Romans.

Gives life

The longest river of Africa is unique, it even flows, and other rivers. Flowing from South to North, it gives life to the Sahara desert. Due to this great river, once barren place became Luxor and many other cities.

The Nile from space

The Egyptians are not spoiled hectares of fertile land, all they have is the merit of the Nile. Therefore, every piece irrigated by the great river of the earth is intended. Their efforts were not in vain, they have enough grown products not only for their own state, but also for export. Thanks Nile Egypt got stronger and became a powerful country.

However, we must pay tribute, the river has made a significant impact not only on the development of agriculture. Thanks to the waters of the Nile, managed to establish trade relations with other countries. Having a personal boat gave a man status.

The Source Of The Nile

The question is, which starts the longest river of Africa, began to think about another 2.5 thousand years ago. The Egyptians who have the ability to build the pyramids, was not able to install the upper part of the widest river. Actually, this is not so simple. The fact that the river flowing through Africa, passes through the lake and her many tributaries.

The great Herodotus believed that the Nile flows from the earth’s depths in deep South. He suggested that part of the outflow went to the North, and the remaining water flowed in a southerly direction. Now it’s safe to say Herodotus was wrong.

Five parts of the Nile


According to official documents, the Nile begins its takeoff run in lake Victoria and has a length is 6583 km away.

Conventionally, this full-flowing river can be divided into five parts.

Victoria Nile is part of the way to 420 km. Reaching lake albert, the river changes its name to the albert Nile. Throughout the site the river has a plain character, but as soon as reaches town called Nimule, narrows to 25 meters and reveals its violent character. The area abounds with rapids, waterfalls and whirlpools.

Bahr El Jebel (river of Mountains) is a pretty wetland with a total length of nine kilometers. Starts in the lower reaches of the Juba city and ending in the Bahr-El-ghazal and Sobat. The river here is slow, it becomes deep and is divided into many sleeves. The vegetation is luxuriant.

Once the river reaches of the tributary of the Sobat, the Nile receives its new name White Nile. The terrain is semi-desert. Reaching the city of Khartoum, there are two Nile — White and Blue. The river turns into a single flowing stream, and finds its familiar name – Neil.

The blue Nile begins in the Ethiopian highlands. Originates at the altitude of 1830 meters above sea level in lake Tana. The people of Ethiopia believe Blue Nile sacred.

It stops the longest river of Africa, merging with the waters of the Mediterranean sea.



Neil is a keen interest among tourists. In the vicinity of the longest rivers of Africa are the most important objects of Luxor:

  • valley of the kings
  • tombs of the Queens;
  • Hatshepsut’s temple;
  • The Colossi Of Memnon;
  • Karnak
  • The local population lives in poverty, but for tourists along the coast built luxury hotels. If you decide to go to admire local beauty, do not try to swim in the waters of the river Nile. Sanitary norms are not respected, the river is used for various household needs.

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