The longest river in the world

What river is the longest in the world? Recently, many school textbooks clearly stated that the length of the Nile river was approximately 6669 – 6701 km. Once this river was considered really big, however, after the creation of the Aswan dam, this body of water was much smaller.

Since that time much has changed, scientists are now given the primacy of another river – the Amazon. According to the latest research performed at the National center of space development, its length equal 6992,06 kilometers. Flows the Amazon, mainly in Brazil, almost touching Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. The basin area amounts to 7 200 kilometers.


Every year due to heavy rainfall that the river brings into the Atlantic ocean more than 645 billion liters of water. Tributaries it has many. Some of them are: Maranon, UCA, Madeira, Tapajos, Jaipur, Asa, Shing and others. If we combine their entire length, the total length will immediately be equal to more than 30 thousand kilometers. In the Amazon there are a lot of species of fish. Average water consumption equal to 220 000 m3.

The Tributaries Of The Amazon

Queen of the rivers

Man to conquer the Amazon tried for a long time, but that nobody has managed to do. Some people ruthlessly destroy nature in connection with sports interest. Other inhabitants of the planet do it for use, thereby depriving the nature of vital energy.

In one delightful film, recently appeared on the screen, shows how fearless swimmer tries to overcome water surface of the river, swarming with alligators, for several months. Of course, it cost him dearly, because he risked his life. Locals admire her beauty, calling Amazon «the Queen of all the waters». It was named in honor of strong, tough women who fought during the Spanish conquistadors in the struggle for independence.

Steep banks de los Amazonas steep and clay, no one can approach him. On the obstinate temper the warlike Amazons just say: «go with the flow uprooted snags, vile ooze, the constant swirling.»

Norvista udachu Amazon

A single bridge over the Amazon river, was built only in the early 21st century. Today it connects the port and the city of Manaus Iranduba. The length of this modern design over 3500.

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