The longest nose in the world

People inhabiting our planet, have the noses are completely different sizes. There is a perception that impressive noses have representatives of Georgian nation. However, the record length of the organ through which we breathe does not belong to them.

The great nose may grow not only men but also women. As for the first, and second, the presence of such a giant can be a real problem. Fortunately we have the ability to make adjustments, this will help you a rhinoplasty. In no time, anyone can become the owner of the neat cute nose. But our story today will focus on the biggest noses in the world. This phenomenon has long been known. Sometime in the past it was believed that the long nose men tells the others about the impressive size of his male gender. However, this myth is not debunked today.

If you go back to the Georgians, the length of their nose can be considered quite average. But the owners of the most long noses can be called Kurds – the average score is 58 mm. Armenians lose them a millimeter.

A competition for the biggest nose

In Langenbruck, a small town located in Switzerland, regularly held the world championship in the very nose. For half a century every five years, the competition brings together people from different countries and continents on our planet. Moreover, the selection is rather serious, the one who tries to deceive and cheat (grimaces or tries with the help of rhinoplasty to change the size of the respiratory organ) will be disqualified.

The last championship brought victory to the owner of the 127-millimeter nose.

The longest nose

The Guinness book of world records does not recognize the results of the Swiss competition: conditions of hit on its pages such that it is necessary to formally record the result in the presence of a specially authorized representative of the Committee.

The first year the palm in this kind of records held by the Turks. Mehmet of Ozyurek is the name of the man who set the record eight years ago. For four years, a Turkish citizen beat his own record. The fact that the nose Sureka is still growing every year adds to the nose of a Turk extra millimeter.

Mystery rhinophyma disease, the causes of which present to medical secret. Do not envy for those who had to get sick. The nose begins to grow not only in length but also in width. It changes its color and becomes lumpy. Acquired skin, under the action of gravity, hanging down, impeding normal breathing. The situation can correct surgery. Plastic surgery of nose gives the nose to become ugly and shapeless.


The largest nose could qualify two more people: Faizan Agha, a resident of Pakistan, the owner of the nose longer than 12 cm, and a resident of Turkey Mehmet Gul, the length of his nose also seeks to 13 see Their names listed in the Guinness book of records for the simple reason that both men do not wish to participate in any competitions and measurements

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