The longest name in the world

For anybody not a secret that giving the man a name, parents largely determine his fate. At least that child will grow up and will have to live with this name in society, which is sometimes very categorical. In this article we will focus on long male and female names. Who proudly bears the longest name in the world?

the name of the child

The longest female name

Why do parents call their children unusual, long, and sometimes strange names? The first reason is the desire to highlight your child from the crowd and make it the most popular in society. Unlikely to go unnoticed girl with a name that consists of a sentence! «Many beautiful flowers mountains and valleys begin to fill Hawaii in the length and width of their fragrance» — so called his daughter happy Hawaiian father. It is obvious that in this way he wanted to give all the happiness that filled it the birth of a daughter. However, when the girl went to school, her classmates did not appreciate the impulses of the father and have given her a shorter name.

female name


Sometimes in your desire to stand out and distinguish themselves to their child, the parents go crazy. So you can name the 35-year-old woman living in Montana. When she was born her parents gave her a name, which consists of 598 letters! You know only the beginning: S. Ellen Georgiana SOR-Lokken. Itself e the woman learned that her name is «Oli», and friends – Snowowl.

Laurels for the longest female name in the world rightfully go to Americans, born in 1984 year. At the time of registration of the child’s parents swung into a name: «Rosengartenstrasse Koyaanisquatsi Williams». Most interesting is that the fruits of their imagination is not limited to this name. Their limited count in the document. After a while, the restless, the girl’s father again filed the application for the increase of rows in name. His request was accepted and in the result, the already unusual and long name of the girl has increased to 1,019 letters and the last name is 36 letters.


The longest male name

men's long name

If girls with his long name should be grateful to the happy parents, with the boys going to do much more banal. In most cases, boys grow up and wanting to stand out from the crowd and show your uniqueness, changed their names. By the way, in some countries, men’s long name is the norm.

The first thing I want to remember the list of men with long names – famous artist Pablo Picasso. Many do not understand his work, and if more and to sign his full name – is generally considered an abnormal. And literally reads: Pablo Diego Jose Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Crispin Crispiano de La Santísima Trinidad Ruiz and Picasso. Not everyone who enjoys the creativity of this artist is able by heart to call his name.

Another winner of the longest name lives in Edinburgh. It all started usually: the father named the boy Nicholas Usansky. All my life people lived and dreamed of a son who would be called Marmaduke. However, as they say, did not happen. Then the man decided to change the name given him by his father. More precisely, not to replace but to complement. First, he called himself simply: Barnaby Marmaduke Usansky. After a few months the restless man decided to further Supplement the name and now it sounds so: Barnaby Marmaduke Aloysius benjy Kobveb dartagnan Egbert Felix Gaspar Humbert Ignatius Jayden Kasper Leroy Maximilian Neddy Obajolu Pepin Quilliam Rosencrantz Sexton Teddy Upwood Jivatma Wayland Ksilon Yardley Zachary Usansky. It is difficult to imagine how he will call their children, if they have it still appear! By the way, the friends of her husband and to this day continue his name is just a Nickname, in spite of all the modifications in his name.

But is the long name does the man, whose name is all just Derek. His name he received from his parents and it consists of 31 words or letters 201. Sounds like: Derek Perlan Stein Jackson hunter McCloy, Kennedy Scott Forsyth Henderson Boyd Robertson o’hara Johnstone Miller Dawson armor McDougall McLean McKeen Fife MacDonald Jardim young Maurice Denis Hamilton Watson, Graig Wallace McQueen. The owner of long male name not delighted with violent fantasies of their parents and sometimes he can not fully remember all the components of his name.

The long Russian name

long Russian name

In our country the wave of unusual names swept after the October Revolution. Then the parents wanting more vividly Express the patriotism, full recoup on children. It then came such long and unusual names like Dazdraperma (formed from long live the First of May), Austinand (A. Schmidt on the ice), Distressed (long live the bow towns and villages), Kurup (resort management), Mentega (mechanized traction) and others.

However, this impulse has waned as dramatically as it soon appeared and children were called the usual names that we are used to. Today the long Russian name is Constantine, and the women – Alexandra.

The longest name in the world

the longest name in the world

It’s time to meet the owner of the longest name in the world. It belongs to the Indian name, or rather names – Brahmastra. That’s what they called the surrounding. And all because the name of this person can be called a encyclopedia. It combines the name of geographical places, the names of the diplomats and scientists. No one has ever been able to pronounce that name, consisting of 1 478 letters! The difficulty is that it’s all written down in one word!

Fortunately such complex names very little. As you know, not a name adorns the man, but if this great desire to stand out, it would really be more harmonious and short names.

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