The longest hair in the world

Beautiful well-groomed hair – it looks amazing. For a luxurious head of hair, women are ready for more – regularly visit the hairdresser every day to wash and style her hair in intricate hairstyles. All these works – a pleasant experience. But imagine how much suffering delivers care hair length more than two meters!

Xie Quiping

Xie Quiping

This Chinese last cut hair at 13 and now, her hair reached 5 meters 62 centimeters. But, the girl probably lost the title of the owner of long hair, if you live in an Indian monastery, the woman agreed to appear before the Commission, which fixes the records. According to rumors, the length of her hair reached almost eight feet. As long as the owner of such hair will not cease to hide from prying eyes, to fix the record will fail.

Tran Van Hai

Tran Van Gan

The longest hair in the world among men belong to the Vietnamese citizen. Late May do not cut more than half a century. The reason for this was the observation of men – each time, as his hair touched the blades of scissors – he was sick.

My haircut, Vietnamese grew no less than 6 meters 80 centimeters of hair. Like every other man, far from the glamorous samples of glossy magazines, he is not particularly concerned about his hair. Looked like his hair in the end, you can see in the photo.

Letting your hair grow out as they pleased, they began to look like one huge dread, weighing ten kilos, no less. For ease of movement, the man wrapped his hair around his head and recorded the whole thing with a turban.

In his defense we can say that washing your hair this length not light – a procedure will take not only hours of time, but a bottle of shampoo.

The man had not contacted the organization with a record records, so it is not in the famous book.

Tatiana Written

Tetyana Written

In Russia, too, has something to boast about – the inhabitant of Volgograd has the longest hair. As recognized by Tatiana Written, sometimes there are thoughts to make yourself a short haircut – hair care, length more than two meters takes too much time. However, my husband and children are real Russian beauties even think about this outcome of events and do not wish to keep the inhabitant of Volgograd from a reckless act.

Your hair cutting has ceased in childhood. Tatiana recalls how from short haircuts for a few years increased a chic pony tail to her waist. When she finished school, her braid has grown to the ankle. To prom she wanted to make yourself a trendy haircut, but the Barber, looking at the waterfall of hair, refused to take scissors in hand.

Tetyana Written

Shampooing Tatiana takes almost all day – so this procedure does not happen more than once every three weeks, since the hair of the girl dry and wash them often do not need. The longest procedure – drying and combing.

Finished with water treatments, the owner of the longest hair climbs on a stool that stood on the net spread out the sheet and beginning strand for strand to untangle hair. In this lesson, hours woman help her husband and sons.

Resident of the village juanlu


For Chinese women living in this area, nothing is more important than hair. That is why each of them are so long hair. It’s all in the traditions that the Chinese revere like no other.

The village is home to more than a hundred women, the average length of their hair — 1 m 70 cm one lucky winner they have grown to record-breaking numbers – 2 m 10 cm Hair here symbolize financial prosperity, longevity, a good life.


When a girl turns testandset, she for the first time in my life cuts her hair – now a girl can find a companion of life. Cut the hair carefully stored until the wedding, and then presented to her future husband in the form of a beautiful braided wreath.


These young ladies washing their hair in the waters of the river, sincerely believe in the power of hair – the longer the hair, the richer life will be.

Once there was a rule — no one is allowed to show their hair, if some man had to see the woman’s hair, he must live with this woman for at least three years. Fortunately, now this rule is abolished and the hair of these beauties anyone can see.

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