The longest film in the world

It is difficult to imagine that Leo Tolstoy, creating a «War and peace» tried to stay within a certain number of pages. After all, creativity has no narrow part. Insufficient three volumes so it will be the fourth. If four little, then work will continue on five books. And so on. The result is a wonderful creation, consisting of four volumes. Directors of the films have harder hours of footage often need to cut back to the usual time frames. There are also the opposite cases only.

Although some authors still refuse to transform their work habits just for the sake of the audience and the producers. Let’s see which films made the list «the longest movie in the history of cinema.»

«Modern Times Forever!»

«Modern Times Forever!» — the longest film in the world. This hours story filmed in Denmark. Duration 240 hours or 10 days. So he took the show. Premiered in Helsinki Kauppatori at the site, during the festival «a Miracle.»

«Modern Times Forever!»

Removed the film creative group Superflex. In the 20th century was built one of the most famous buildings in Helsinki under the name of Stora Enso. For display screen size of 40 sq. m installed directly on the building, so the audience could follow the plot and enjoy the beauty of the architectural marvel. From the very beginning of its creation there were many disputes and sensitive issues, and the locals called the building «a piece of sugar». Stora Enso is the embodiment of the creative idea of the architect Alvar Aalto. The tape shows the estimated future buildings with the development of civilization.



The film, shot by Director Gerard Curanto in 2010, occupies the second position. The film lasts 154 hours, which is actually a whole week. He was shot more than 30 years, namely from 1978 to 2010. The essence of the work that it involves more than 2,000 silent episodes. The camera was recording the arbitrary actions of the friends of the Director and famous actors. It is quite interesting to observe people’s behaviour: some actions were extremely unusual. So one of the heroes of the silent episode, a friend of Director Terry Gilliam, ate the bill. In the shootings took part in some Russian celebrities, among them: Inna Churikova, Lyudmila Kotlyarova, Juliana Semenova. «Cinematon» received acclaim critics.



This documentary film was created in Germany and is quite popular among professionals. It was directed by Karin Heller, and premiered in 2006. The total duration of 95 hours. This is a silent film showing a number of pictures of a boy who rides a Bicycle. And around the scenery. After photos of slightly modified, but the human eye can’t grasp it.

Cure for insomnia

Cure for insomniaCure for insomnia

The show was held at the Museum of art and higher education in Chicago in 1987. Embodied his idea to life John Henry Timmis. The film lasts for 87 hours, three and a half days. In this work there is no plot, the viewer is watching the reading of the poems of the man, the reader was L. D. Groban. Periodically, the poetry varies unexpectedly erotic music videos in the style of heavy metal. At that time he was the longest film that documented in the Guinness Book of records. A main goal of the creators have been treating people for insomnia.

«The long and meaningless movie in the world»

The name of the film, Anthony Scott, established in the UK in General is absolutely true and accurately conveys the plot. However, true it was only at the time of its premiere: in the 68 year of the last century. Later came the movies, that broke for the duration of this film, and sent it to fifth place.

«The long and meaningless movie in the world»

Will be another exaggeration to say that the movie has a plot. It included various commercials, excerpts from other films that are not included in the original, or films that were not released. Everything shows randomly and chaotically, so if you have a high pain threshold» and 48 hours free time, so much is the film, you can begin viewing.



Long story, based on the work of Alfred Doblin. The film was released in 1980 and became Director Rainer Fassbinder. The total duration of the film was 15 hours. The action takes place in Germany 20 years. The main character Franz Biberkopf is released from prison where he served time for the murder of his ward, before he was a pimp. This story is about how people regained the freedom of trying to live according to conscience, and to abandon criminal activities and how he pulls down the shaky situation in the country and the standard of living. In 2007, the film was restored.



This documentary film lasting up to 14 hours 30 minutes left in 1980 and currently occupies the 7th position. Peter Watkins was the Director of the «Journey». Long story shot it is not on the same continent and within a few years. The premiere was held in the Australian Museum movie. The film is very rarely shown to the General public. Since it touches quite a sensitive topic. The film tells about the production of atomic weapons and of the expenses that go to him.

Out 1

Pose 1Out 1

The picture was taken on the works of Honore de Balzac’s «Human Comedy». «Out 1» consists of 8 parts, about 1.5 hours. All of these stories directed by Jacques rivette did his best to tie together a subtle line. The whole film is 12 hours and 36 minutes, and now it is on 8 position among the longest films in the world.

Evolution of a Filipino family

Evolution of a Filipino family

«Evolution of Filipino family» films of Lav Diaz, its duration was 9 hours. The film became the most successful project of the Philippine cinema. Shown he was in 2004, and received positive reviews from critics, even if not to say more, he was recognized as a masterpiece of cinema. And the audience of Canada has included it in ten the best films in history. Premiered at the film festival and was 1.5 hours longer than the version shown to the audience. We are shown the story of a group of Filipinos who are fighting for their rights amid the destruction in the country.

War and peace

In 1965 Sergei Bondarchuk took the longest film in the history of Soviet cinema «War and peace» based on a work by Leo Tolstoy. And our list it closes and takes the 10th place among the longest films in the world. The event was attended by many stars of the time such as: Lyudmila Savelyeva, Sergei Bondarchuk, Oleg Tabakov, Vyacheslav Tikhonov and many others. It was shot in over 6 years.

War and peaceWar and peace

The cost of creating a «War and peace» was about 8 million rubles that the Soviet time was just a record amount. However, the creative team did not remain in loss, as it was a resounding success for 1969 only on the territory of the USSR we watched the tape 58 million people. The first received a statuette «Oscar» as best foreign language film.

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