The longest eyelashes in the world

Any girl knows that long, thick and dark eyelashes can give the eyes expressiveness. Unfortunately, not all of us have beautiful eyelashes and girls from small to large you have to go to all sorts of tricks.

In the course are tubes with a lengthening and voluminous mascara. Many have undergone the procedure of staining and build-up. All of these efforts are not in vain, but the result is temporary and will not become the owner of the longest eyelashes in the world. In addition, the procedure can cause your eyelashes will become thin and sparse.


Lash care

So my eyelashes are longer, you need to care for them. The market is now actively promoting the wonder drug, they are not cheap. The effect of them is, but their safety is highly questionable. Many have already managed to deal with side effects.

The secrets of rapid growth of eyelashes

Love the lashes, when cared for, so you will have to seek patience and faith in success. In addition, we need taken in equal parts:

  • vaseline
  • burdock and castor oil
  • high-quality cognac

Mix well the ingredients and then each evening, apply the mixture on eyelashes. Before bed you need to wash the composition. The longest eyelashes in the world of course, you will not get, but after a week you will notice an improvement.


To accelerate eyelash growth will allow another composition, for which we will need:

  • castor oil
  • wheat germ oil
  • vitamins A and E
  • almond oil

Apply the product to a daily, and in a few hours, rinse. You can put on all night but in the morning you risk to Wake up with swollen eyelids.

The owners of the longest eyelashes in the world

And now it’s time to talk about those who by nature got lashes so long that their names were written in the Guinness Book of records. Girls, the longest eyelashes in the world – not a gift, it’s punishment for those who struggle with such «beauty» to go every day!

Photo Rav Mawla – resident of India, the owner of lash length 47 mm. unfortunately, the record of this gift is not made happier. Over him, often making fun of girls viciously teasing his half woman. To avoid embarrassment, the young man was forced to take up the scissors and tame such a long framing his eyes. Sorry, we failed to find in the Internet the picture of this unique man. Maybe it affects the person’s age — he is over 60 years.

Mon Buchaev

It is not known why the nature of the jokes on beautiful girls, but the owners of the most long lashes are men. The proof of this is the boy who lives in Russia. Photos of Muine Bucaneve filled the Internet, although only 10 years old.

Eyelash length 36 mm boy, he is the second man in the world by the length of the eyelashes. It is likely that someday the boy bypasses Photo Rav Mawla, because his eyelashes continue to grow at a rate of 1 mm at 6 months.

In the animal world, too, have their Champions. The camel animal with a five centimeter thick and hard eyelashes. They serve both aesthetic and practical function – to protect the eyes from desert sand on which you walk, these «ships».

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