The longest day of the year

How many would not lasted the longest day of the year, people still don’t have enough time to get everything planned Affairs. If our ancestors lived by the sun, and their work entirely was subordinated to the heavenly bodies, the modern man, thanks to the scientific discovery of electricity, continues his day as he wants. What day is the longest day of the year, people are interested only from a cognitive point of view.

The longest day

Before the invention of artificial lighting, people could have tried to extend daylight with lighted torches, bonfires and candles. However, the benefits of such lighting wasn’t very much, so the long winter evenings the whole family gathered around this makeshift lamp and did needlework or making utensils, communicating with each other. Went to bed very early and get up with sunrise.

Summer solstice

But in summer, when daylight hours were long, they made maximum use of sunlight and to do as much as possible. Therefore, get up with the first roosters and went to rest only after sunset. Now do not appreciate the light of the sun, it is always possible to extend daylight by electricity. So, what day is the longest day of the year in different hemispheres of our planet and how to celebrate this day in different countries?

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The longest day in the Northern hemisphere

The summer solstice in this area comes to 20 — June 21 and depends on the year in a leap year, this date moves slightly. On this day the sun is in the Northern declension, and enters the constellation of Cancer. On this day the heavenly body is longest above the horizon, and astronomical concepts summer begins not on 1 and 21 June.


This is the longest day and the shortest summer night of the year. On this day, at noon the sun is at the highest point over our planet and shadows in the point short. From this moment begins the gradual movement of the sun shone from the North star and the day is becoming less and less, until the winter solstice, when the shortest winter day of the year.

The evening of the longest day

The southern hemisphere of the earth

Well, on the other side of the planet all the way around. That day, when we have winter the southern hemisphere has the longest day of the year, and you have it on December 21. It was then in the countries located in the southern hemisphere summer begins.

Southern hemisphere

Perhaps, after all, the longest day of the year, went to Alaska, located in the Arctic. Six months lasts light day, although it certainly does not mean that the inhabitants of this region are not sleeping as much as 6 months.

The history of the celebration of the solstice

English Stonehenge on this day, in summer, becomes a place which attracts thousands of people from all over the world to celebrate the solstice. The ancient druids built Stonehenge so that it aligned with the sun in direct line of vision. Modern pagans dress in themed costumes, singing and dancing around the building, praising the strength and power of the Sun.


But in ancient Egypt, this day was considered the beginning of the new year. The appearance of the stars in the sky Sirius, which, according to the Egyptians, contributed to the development of the Nile and was the symbol of agriculture, marked on the first day of the new year.

The ancient Greeks in their own way celebrated the solstice. On this day, all citizens were equal in their social position and the slaves rejoiced equally with the hosts, glorifying the mighty God, the Crown, the patron of agriculture.

Solstice in Norway

Historical fact. In a bizarre twist of fate it was in the summer solstice was the day when Galileo Galilei recognized the error of the doctrine of Copernicus that the sun moves around the earth’s orbit, under the pressure of the judges in the process.

The Chinese believe that on the day when the sun stands motionless at the Zenith, Yin switches to Yang , the day of the winter – back to Yin.

The Celebration Of Midsummer

Our ancestors celebrated this day of Ivan Kupala. They gathered in forests and glades, lit bonfires and sang songs. They also decorated their houses with various meadow grasses – it was believed that on this day, they have special magical powers and can cure many diseases. Especially popular were St. John’s wort, whose flower resembles the sun. The young people that gathered to marry jumped over the fire was, if 3 times to jump over the fire holding hands, the family life will be long and happy.


Particularly desperate was looking for on this day, the fern flower, which blooms only once a year in the summer time. They believed – whoever finds this flower will be able to thwart it, that opens all the treasures in the bowels of the earth. However, it should be noted that such a person is not found to the present day. This flower is associated with many folk beliefs, fairy tales, and he is credited with various magical properties.

The fire of Midsummer

The longest day of the year for each of the people means something different on this day, they had pinned great hope, striving for the well-being and happiness. But it’s those areas that do not depend on how long light day.

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