The longest coma after which person woke up

The medical phenomenon of coma, unfortunately, is not fully understood by experts. The reason why a person gets in that condition, there can be various abnormalities in the body. There are about 30 types of coma: alcohol, traumatic, diabetic, etc. is Not important what form a person deprived of the opportunities of a full life, much more important than it ended. The longest coma, after a man woke up – it’s a miracle that doctors can’t explain.

the longest coma after which person woke up

Sarah Scantlin

A young 18-year-old College student Sarah Catlin has been in a coma for 20 years. The reason for this state of the girls from the U.S. state of Kansas was the driver that controls the car in a drunken state. After the accident Sarah in a coma, and lived only with devices that support the functioning of the organism.

Traumatic brain injury was so severe that the girl’s first month showed no signs of life, and her body functioned with the help of a respirator. After a month, the only thing that could make Sarah, it’s to breathe and swallow food. In this position, she was 16 years old. After years of being in a coma with her began to work specialist, trying to bring her back to real life. And the miracle did happen. After a year of these sessions, Sarah began to show the first independent reflexes. She could communicate with others only through eye movements.

Sarah scantlin

In 2005, after decades of being in a coma, the girl came to herself and gradually began to remember their loved ones. To move she could only with a wheelchair. No doctor could explain this «awakening», they claim this case is rather a happy exception to this rule than the rule. The only thing that bothered loved Sarah, that’s what she still thought of myself as an 18-year-old. Gradually came back to her speech and some motor reflexes.

the longest coma Wake

Gary Dockery

The longest coma Wake was recorded in Tennessee. Gary Dockery was 33 when he was wounded in the head trying with my partner to arrest the bandit. Trauma resulting wounds were so severe that doctors had to remove about 20% of brain matter. After this manipulation the ex-COP held in a state of unconsciousness for seven years.

Gary Dockery

And that’s when the hope left his family, he suddenly came to himself and even remembered their family members, despite the fact that his sons became big. He remembered nothing about the day when he was wounded and his work. Unfortunately, Gary left this world a year after recovery from coma. The cause was a blood clot in the lungs.

Martin Pistorius

The story of this young man, who had to be unconscious for 12 years, very unusual. As a rule, people in a coma can’t feel anything, Martin, on the contrary, everyone knew, just couldn’t respond to events while imprisoned. The reason for this condition of the boy became a common sore throat, which gave a complication in the legs, later began to disappear and vision.

Martin Pistorius

Doctors have suggested for cryptococcal meningitis, but the diagnosis failed. Since hospital, Martin already could do nothing to help, he was discharged. Doctors speculated that the boy, who was only 8 years old, will not live long.

But fate decreed otherwise. Thanks to the love and care of his parents, especially his father, 12 years later the young man came to himself. During this time his father every day took the boy to a special rehabilitation centre, still hoping that a miracle will happen. As later recalled Martin himself, he was very irritated by the cartoons, which showed the children in this place, but he couldn’t do anything about it and say it.

Martin Pistorius with his wife

After exiting the coma, Martin Pistorius learned to read and write, went to College, where he received the profession of a programmer, and later a job in one of state companies. To date, Martin has a good caring wife and, despite the fact that wheelchair-bound, lives a full life. That South African teenager, unfortunately, one of the few happy examples coming out of his coma.

how long was the longest coma

Yang Liying

In 1996, a resident of Beijing fell into a coma as the result of gas poisoning. At the time he was 51 years old, and nobody hoped that after 13 years of the existence of the unconscious man will Wake up. All these years next to him was a devoted wife, thanks to the efforts which may have happened is a miracle.

It was her name and you said it suddenly came to Yang liying. After years of coma he had anew to learn to eat and talk and get acquainted with the world, which changed much during his absence».

Terry Wallace

This man is from the American town of Cornell has been in a coma for about 17 years. In 1984, at the age of 19 years, he was involved in a car accident and survived only by a miracle. His friend who is at the time of the tragedy in the car with him, died immediately, but Terry fell into a coma. None of the doctors did not give a comforting predictions about his condition.

Terry Wallace

In 2001 he began to serve the first signs of intelligent behavior and tried to communicate with hospital staff by gestures and facial expressions. Two years later, Terry began to speak, and most surprisingly almost three days re-learned how to walk. The most difficult thing for him was to remember his family (daughter at that time was 20 years) and the circumstances that happened almost 2 decades ago.

Edward O Bar

The record holder for the duration of the existence of the unconscious is Edward O Bar, which journalists dubbed the «Sleeping snow white». How long was the longest coma, which, alas, did not end so happily as the previous examples? Almost half a century – this woman has been in a coma for 42 years and passed away in 2012. In this condition she got after diabetic coma, and despite the fact that her eyes were open, she felt nothing and did not understand what was happening.

the Eduard about the bar

For many years beside her was her mother, Kay, who for 35 years selflessly caring for her daughter. It suited him birthdays, washed and fed, and talked to her. In 2008, when mother did not, all responsibilities for the care of a sick Eduardoi took her sister, Colleen. She says she could learn a lot from his sister, despite the fact that to communicate with her was impossible. 4 years later Edward went after his mother.

the Eduard about the bar s sister

Such examples of love and loyalty toward their loved ones should make a lot of people appreciate while our family healthy, and even in the most hopeless cases, not to despair and not to betray them.

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