The longest city name

There are many long, odd, sometimes even incomprehensible names of villages and cities, rivers and lakes, mountains and plains and names. All these names are created by human mind and imagination whose limits are not known to exist. As an example, a flight of fancy and imagination, consider the names of some cities in the world and Russia.

The longest city name

On the East coast of Chaudhry river, near its mouth, is one of the largest cities of Thailand with five million people. It is the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. However, the actual name of this city sounds a bit different — Krung-Thep, or City of Angels.


The name of the city from the point of view of its length, is not impressive. The fact is that we are more terse and easy to pronounce name. The historical name of Bangkok is quite another. In the native language it consists of 30 words, which translated sounds like this: «the City of Angels, majestic and that is the residence of the emerald Buddha, the largest of the capitals of the world, blessed 9 th century stones, decorated with stately Royal palaces, beautiful as a Paradise, which is ruled by God’s attorney, a city given by Indra and built by Witsanukam».


Once upon a time, Bangkok was called the Venice of the East. This name was given to the city by the ancient travellers who visited it about two hundred years ago. The name chosen by chance, the city at that time stood on the Bank of the river, literally in the water. Soon the king Rama V ordered to dig canals for drainage. So there was a «water» streets that make it similar to Venice.


In the nineteenth century, these channels were covered with earth and turned into the road. The motive for these changes has become a fashion for self-propelled carriages that prevailed in those days in Europe. Fashion has been adopted by Thai kings had the opportunity to visit the country and see, and then to adopt, fashionable innovation.


Up to the present day from the Venice of the East preserved only a few blocks, most of which are inhabited by the poor who live in literally shacks. Many of the shacks represent an extension to other houses and do not have their own email addresses. Here, however, you can still see mansions surrounded by lush gardens, which to this day live the descendants of a noble people. The streets of the quarter are represented by channels, as many years ago. They to this day are the water and even sewer. This ancient part of Bangkok today is a historical and cultural value and are included in tourist routes.


Modern Bangkok is a successfully developing city with a population of about 9 million people. Annually, two major airport Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi and don Muang, thousands of tourists arrive to explore its attractions. Bangkok is growing and developing rapidly, becoming a modern metropolis, but he manages to keep the traditional Asian culture. The city is rich in museums, ancient and newly built temples of Buddha.

The longest city in Russia

Russia is full of cities that have long names. Moreover, in our country there is a long city names consisting of the same number of letters and even words, so to choose a record for the length of the name of the city is almost impossible. It will be more appropriate to compare the length of the names of towns or villages, settlements.

Village Central estate farm

A record of the long name belongs to a small village located in Zaraysk Moscow region. We are talking about the Central manor of state farm of a name of the 40 anniversary of the Great October revolution. The village is part of Malinovskogo rural settlement. Now it is home to about 1,000 people.

He appeared in 1933 and was a Central HOMESTEAD farm that is breeding pigs. At that time it bore the name of Kaganovich, but in 1957 it was renamed. In our time in the village has a secondary school, House of culture, kindergarten, post office, library and clinic, but pig farms there no longer exists.


The long name of the settlement consists of 27 characters and belongs to the village of Kremenchug-Konstantinovskoe. The village is located in Kabardino-Balkaria. Founded in 1885, the so-called displaced persons, a native of Kremenchug province. They went to the Caucasus in search of better living conditions. In the town of Kabarda, the local Prince by the name of Inalov, they rented the land on which subsequently settled. The settlers settled in separate farms, giving each a name derived from the name of the place from which they came. These names stuck and are still, now as the names of parts of the village.


The modern name, Kremenchug-Konstantinovskoe, appeared after of the farm were merged into a single town. For its name was taken the name of the farm of the first settlers — Kremenchug and the name of the immigrant founder, Constantine. Among locals there is an unofficial short name for the village Cream Kostiantynivka, or even shorter — Kremko.

In Russia there is still two villages, which have a long record names. This Verkhneolonetski that the Orenburg and Starokostyantynivske, located in the Tambov region. In the name of these villages is exactly 23 letters and no hyphen.

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